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Council Decided – 3 October 2017

Posted Friday 06 October 2017

Former Mosman Mayor Dr Peter Abelson

Mayor Carolyn Corrigan paid tribute to Dr Peter Abelson, who served a total of 13 years as Mosman’s Mayor, most recently as Mosman’s first popularly elected Mayor from 2012 to 2017. Dr Abelson previously served on Council from 1979 to 1987, holding the office of Mayor from 1983 to 1985.

The Mayor referred to Dr Abelson’s extensive academic and business achievements as well as his personal qualities as an inclusive, generous-spirited and egalitarian contributor to the Mosman community.

In acknowledging Dr Abelson’s exemplary service to the people of Mosman prior to his retirement from Council in September this year, Mayor Corrigan presented Dr Abelson with the award of Emeritus Mayor, conferred by Local Government NSW. Mayor Corrigan also acknowledged the great support of Peter’s wife, Jeanne, during his time in public office.

A full copy of the associated Mayoral Minute is available here.

Former Councillor Peter White

Mayor Corrigan also thanked former Councillor Peter White, who served on Mosman Council for the period 2012 to 2017 but did not seek re-election in September 2017. The Mayor acknowledged Peter’s work on the local Traffic Committee, the Independent Mosman Committee, his contribution to numerous meetings and forums and his particular commitment to the residents of Beauty Point.

Lady Northcott and Lady Herron Ferries

Council discussed the NSW Government’s proposal to decommission iconic Sydney ferries the Lady Northcott and the Lady Herron, introduced into service on Sydney Harbour in 1975 and 1979 respectively. There are concerns that their replacement with new vessels as part of the Government’s Inner Harbour Ferry project will reduce the romance and enjoyment of trips to and from Mosman for many passengers. It was resolved that Council seek a meeting with the Premier and the Minister for Transport regarding retention of these ferries and that the Mayor call on the Minister and Premier to undertake a full and proper public consultation process on proposed changes to the ferry fleet.

Infrastructure Planning – Balmoral

Council received an update on various infrastructure works currently underway or proposed for Balmoral. Works on the renewal of cricket nets, as well as installation of a basketball hoop and small hardstand area at Balmoral Oval have been completed. Refurbishment of the oval playing surface has commenced, installation of fitness equipment at the oval will take place prior to the 2018 winter sports season and irrigation improvements and turfing along The Esplanade are scheduled for this month. The Balmoral Promenade project is due for completion by the end of November. It has been decided to reschedule the renewal of turning boards at Balmoral Baths until after Easter 2018 to avoid the busy swimming season and a report will come back to Council in 2018 exploring options for the Balmoral Skate Park.

Contract Renewals

Much of Council’s work is undertaken by contractors. Council resolved to extend a number of current contracts, including contracts related to graffiti management, pest management, civic building, public facility and pavilion cleaning, and parks and sporting fields management.

Short Term Holiday Lettings

Council has taken an ongoing interest in the issue of short term holiday lettings, particularly with the growth of operators such as airbnb in recent years. It was resolved that a submission be made on the Short Term Holiday Lettings Option Paper, released for comment by the NSW Departments of Planning and Environment, and Fair Trade. The submission will address a range of issues including the need for greater clarity and standardisation of legislative provisions, the need for more practical and enforceable regulation with greater penalties for short term lettings in residential flat buildings, cooperation from online platforms to ensure effective self-regulation, and further research into the impacts of planning regulations.

Sydney Coastal Councils

Council is actively reviewing its membership of the Sydney Coastal Councils Group, of which it has been a long-standing member. It was resolved that Council defer further consideration of this matter until December, pending a strategic planning workshop scheduled for late October and advice in relation to the group’s strategic direction, key issues being addressed and major projects delivered.