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Council Decided – 6 March 2018

Posted Friday 09 March 2018

Young Citizen of the Year – Melissa Thompson

Mayor Carolyn Corrigan presented a Mayoral Minute congratulating Melissa Thompson on being awarded Mosman’s Young Citizen of the Year for 2018. Melissa was chosen for this award not only for demonstrating community spirit, but also for her positive personal attributes such as leadership and commitment.

Hearing from our Young People

In presenting her Mayoral Minute on the 2018 Young Citizen of the Year, Councillor Corrigan also announced that, to ensure the voice of Mosman’s youth continues to be heard, she will be holding monthly informal gatherings to learn first-hand about youth priorities and concerns. This new initiative will build on the excellent programs and services already delivered at the Mosman Youth Centre.

Social Media Policy

Council adopted a new Social Media Policy to provide guidance for Councillors, staff and others undertaking roles for Council in their use of social media. As a communication tool social media is well-entrenched in everyday life, and this policy is intended to assist those working for Council in both a paid and unpaid capacity to navigate their use of this tool in an appropriate and responsible way.

Mosman Rider Service

As the contract for providing the local Mosman Rider bus service concludes in June 2018, Council considered its future delivery of the service, in light of changing transport options, falling patronage on the Rider and increasing costs per passenger. Council also considered opportunities to deliver more targeted transport services for those in greatest need. It was resolved by Council that the Mosman Rider be formally discontinued at the end of the current contract on 30 June 2018 and that funds be allocated to augment Council’s Community Transport service to accommodate the needs of residents facing significant issues with access to appropriate local transport options. Mayor Corrigan will be personally engaging with community members in planning for the expanded Community Transport offering, with a report on the efficacy of the augmented service to come back to Council within three months of its commencement. Council will also make representations to the NSW Government supporting a trial of ‘on-demand’ public transport runs in Mosman.

Privacy Management Plan

Council reviewed and adopted minor amendments to its Privacy Management Plan. This plan details how Council manages the personal and health information it collects, stores, accesses, uses and discloses in the course of its business activities in order to protect the privacy of Council’s customers, officials, employees, volunteers and contractors.

Mudgee Wine and Food Fair 2018

Council approved an application to conduct the 28th annual Mudgee Wine and Fair. The event will be held at Balmoral Beach on Sunday 12 August.

Owners Consent Request – Balmoral Baths Kiosk

Having previously deferred a request for Owners Consent to lodgement of a development application for seating outside the Balmoral Baths kiosks, Council again considered this matter following an on-site inspection. It was resolved by Council that Owners Consent not be provided and that no further action be taken in relation to this matter.

Mosman Local Planning Panel

Council discussed recent changes imposed by the NSW Government in relation to local Planning panels. In response to these changes it was resolved that the Mosman Development Assessment Panel (MDAP) cease to operate and that Council implement the Mosman Local Planning Panel (MLPP) in its place. Council also resolved to confirm its acceptance of the Minister for Planning’s appointment of the Hon, Paul Stein as Chair of the MLPP, with Peter Wells and Lesley accepted as alternate Chairs. The following expert and community members were appointed by Council to the MLPP:

Expert Members:

  • Brian McDonald
  • Brian Kirk
  • Sue Francis
  • Susan Hobley
  • Melanie Howden

Community Members:

  • Ann Messenger
  • Graham Levido
  • Nicolas Mumby

Infrastructure Works

Council resolved to accept tenders to undertaken a range of significant infrastructure works in Mosman. These include renewal of the outlet pipe at Balmoral Beach, drainage upgrade works in Marsala Street and works in the Civic Lane Shared Zone to enhance pedestrian access between the Spit Junction Bus Interchange and Military Road shops.