Final touch for Balmoral

Posted Tuesday 29 May 2018

Work has commenced on Mosman Council’s Balmoral Winter Works program, a suite of five essential repair and replacement projects being undertaken from May 2018 to October 2018 to preserve key infrastructure within the historic precinct.

The program will include new paving around the Balmoral Rotunda, replacement of the dilapidated stormwater pipe on Balmoral Beach, installation of new seating and paving at the southern end of the Balmoral Promenade, new turning boards for swimmers at Balmoral Baths, and upgraded fitness equipment on Balmoral Oval.

Infrastructure along Balmoral’s foreshore – including the promenade itself – goes back almost 100 years and even the more contemporary additions are now more than 40 years old. Rather than continue to patch repair, Council is investing in the iconic suburb’s long-term future.

While Balmoral is a popular location all year round, the majority of these essential works are being undertaken over the relatively quiet winter months so the area is beautiful, healthy and accessible in time for the warmer seasons.

Work is already underway on the pavement surrounding the Balmoral Rotunda as well as replacement of the stormwater pipe on Balmoral Beach, with both projects flagged for completion in July 2018.

This mid-winter period will also see work commence at Balmoral Baths to replace the costly and defective mechanical turning boards with modern floating boards that rise and fall with the tide; a move hailed by the local swimming groups.

Installation of promenade seating in the areas between Raglan Street and the Public Dining Room will also get underway in July, with completion in October. Balmoral Oval will receive its upgraded fitness equipment around the circuit path from August and finish in October, signalling the end of the entire Balmoral Winter Works program.

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