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Mosman Council Building

Council Decided 5 June 2018

Posted Thursday 07 June 2018

MOSPLAN and Budget

Council recently exhibited its latest MOSPLAN, including the draft 2018-2028 Community Strategic Plan, 2018-2028 Long Term Financial Plan, 2018-2021 Workforce Plan, 2018-2021 Delivery Program and 2018-2019 Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges.

The period for public comment closed on 13 May and the draft MOSPLAN was again considered by Council, along with comments received.

Council resolved to adopt all MOSPLAN documents, incorporating changes made following public consultation.

The new MOSPLAN, which will come into force on July 1 this year, will be uploaded shortly. In the meantime, you can reference the documents submitted to, and adopted by, Council on the ‘Council Agendas and Minutes’ page of this website.

Tribute to the late Malcom Ritchie

A Mayoral Minute was delivered and one minute silence observed in honour of the late Malcolm Dundas Ritchie, who passed away on 16 May.

Malcolm Ritchie served as a Councillor on Mosman Council from 1995 to 1999. Malcolm led a full, community-minded, professional and active life, serving as a Warden of the Scotland-Australia Cairn and being one of the first inductees to the Mosman Sporting Wall of Fame in recognition of his sailing achievements.

Vale Malcolm Dundas Ritchie.

Mosman Scenic Protection Area

The protection of Mosman’s significant harbour slopes has been a Council priority for many years. The area known as the Mosman Scenic Protection Area has, through careful planning and ongoing lobbying by Council, been excluded from the NSW Government’s Housing Code since February 2009. Without this exclusion complying development (in the form of one and two storey dwelling houses) would be permissible within the area, with no regard for Council’s long-standing controls for bulk/scale, landscaping, view sharing, visual impact of development from the harbour, and with no genuine community consultation. Further, with the recent introduction of the NSW Government’s Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code, complying development would also include dual occupancies, manor houses and multiple dwelling houses (or terraces).

The exclusion provided for the Mosman Scenic Protection Area is time limited and, despite continued efforts by Council to obtain more permanent protective measures, the exclusion is due to cease on 30 November this year.

Council has resolved to make further representations to the NSW Minister for Planning to permanently exclude the Mosman Scenic Protection Area from the State’s Housing Codes, or to otherwise extend the current timeframe to enable alternative protective measures to be further explored. Funds have been allocated for a major information, lobbying and advocacy campaign over coming months to recognise the significance of Mosman’s harbour slopes and to secure their permanent protection.

Low Rise Medium Density Code

Council considered a report outlining the potential impacts of the NSW Government’s recently-released Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code (the Medium Density Code), which will allow dual occupancies, manor houses and multiple dwelling houses (terraces) as complying development on certain land in NSW from 6 July 2018. In Mosman the Code will apply to land zoned R3 Medium Density Residential which is not subject to an identified exclusion (such as heritage or scenic protection area) – that is, just over 1,000 lots. It will facilitate development that has greater bulk and scale, less landscaping, privacy and carparking, and have no regard for matters otherwise addressed by Council’s planning controls including overshadowing, view sharing, desired future character of the area and the cumulative impact of development.

Council has resolved to make representations to the NSW Minister for Planning seeking urgent exemption from the Code. Council will also seek reconsideration of the Code’s introduction, expressing Council’s concern over the erosion of local planning controls and the consequences of the Code within Mosman’s established neighbourhoods and within the Mosman Scenic Protection Area should its current exclusion not be extended.

Mosman Contributions Plan 2018

Following the recent public exhibition of proposed amendments to the Mosman Contributions Plan 2018, Council resolved to adopt the amendments and give public notice of this action. No submissions were received from the community during the four –week exhibition of the Plan.

Parriwi Road Traffic Lights

A report was presented updating Council on most recent action and feedback relating to the management of southbound traffic on Parriwi Road during the a.m. peak. In particular, the report addressed the introduction of traffic signals at the Spit East car park. Council noted the feedback received from the community and the strong support for the installation of traffic lights and current phasing arrangements, including positive feedback from cyclists regarding improved safety. It was also resolved by Council that the current phasing during the a.m. weekday peak be maintained and that it support extension of the green signal time outside that peak, with the RMS to be requested to make the appropriate adjustments. A further review of the duration of signal phasing and safety of the intersection is to be undertaken within six months.

Car Share Policy

Council resolved to update its Car Share Policy. The updated Policy aims to support the use of car share within Mosman, achieve an appropriate balance of public car spaces and designated car share spaces, allow multiple operators access to appropriately designated car share spaces and to balance the desire for designated car share spaces on Council property for commercial operations. Council will contact car share operators seeking expressions of interest for car share spaces in Mosman, with the outcome to be reported to Council at a future date.

Public Banner Policy

Council resolved to consolidate existing policies regarding use of its public banner locations, including the street banner across Military Road at Mosman Junction and vertical banner poles in Military Road, Mandolong Road, Avenue Road, Raglan Street and Middle Head Road. Existing practices for the booking and approval of banners will remain significantly the same following the policy review.

40km High Pedestrian Activity Areas

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has contacted Council proposing that, subject to Council approval and with full RMS funding, the area of high pedestrian activity around Spit Junction and other local roads be the subject of an investigation and implementation of a 40km/hour speed zone. Council determined to accept the offer of funding from the RMS to carry out an investigation into the implementation of 40km/h high pedestrian activity areas and, as part of this investigation, to consult the community on a proposal to implement these areas in Brady Street, Clifford Street, Field Way, Horsnell Lane, Military Road, Mandolong Road and The Esplanade. The outcome of the investigation will be reported to Council and it will be determined at that time whether to proceed further with implementation.