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Council Decided – 4 December 2018

Posted Friday 07 December 2018

Support for Human Rights Initiatives

Council considered a Mayoral Minute from Mayor Carolyn Corrigan and subsequently resolved to support two human rights initiatives in Mosman. Firstly, Council agreed to become an official supporter of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Racism: It Stops With Me campaign. With 33% of the Mosman community having been born overseas, and 15% speaking a language other than English at home, it was acknowledged that Council is representative of its whole community and inclusive of all races. Council also resolved to show its support for the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10 December by joining with other organisations in lighting local landmarks blue. The “Welembulla” Cyfarfod fountain sculpture at the top of Mosman Square will be bathed in blue light for the occasion.

Clifton Gardens Boom Gate

Having received a request to install a new, significantly larger gate at the entry to Clifton Gardens Reserve than the existing boom gate, Council considered a report outlining the history of this issue, including problems encountered since installation of the existing boom gate in 2010. It was resolved by Council that the boom gate at Clifton Gardens remain in place in the open position and that the matter be reported again to Council in six months. Council also agreed to thank the NSW Police for patrolling the area to date and to request that police continue to patrol the area.

Tree Vandalism – Quakers Hat South

Following an extreme case of tree vandalism in bushland at Quakers Hat South, assessed as the worst vandalism act on record for Mosman Council, staff recently wrote to nearby residents and erected three tree banners and a motion camera at the site. Councillors unanimously deplored the actions of the tree vandals and resolved that the large banners remain in place on site for a further 18 months. Surrounding residents will be notified of this action and the matter will be further considered by Council in the event any further acts of vandalism take place.

Netball Courts

Council again considered the issue of netball facilities in Mosman and resolved to continue pressing for the installation of lights at the Drill Hall Common netball courts as a matter of priority. Council will also consult with Mosman Parks and Bushland Society and seek the support of local Members of Parliament. Further, it was resolved that Council staff prepare a report for the March 2019 Council meeting giving consideration to all other possible sites for netball courts, including grassed surfaces, and having regard to minimising impacts on existing user groups as much as practicable. The Drill Hall and Marie Bashir Mosman Sports Centre facilities are to be considered as part of this report.

Mosman Croquet Club

Following recent exhibition of a proposal to renew the lease of a parcel of land at Rawson Park to Mosman Croquet Club Inc., Council resolved to apply to the Minister for Local Government for consent to grant a renewal lease to the club for a term of 10 years commencing 1 January 2019 with an option for a further 10 year term solely at Council’s discretion. Subject to this consent being given, all necessary arrangements will be put in place to formalise the lease renewal.

Parking Strategy

Council endorsed a Motion to rescind a decision made at its last meeting in November 2018 in relation to the use of current parking technology (in-ground parking sensors) for enforcement purposes. This means that the decision at the November 2018 meeting will not be implemented. Following further discussion on this issue Council resolved that staff consult with retailers, the Mosman Chamber of Commerce and Councillors regarding the use of sensors or enforcement, current time restrictions for parking, a desired change process, options for additional parking and parking displacement impacts. It is expected that this consultation will be undertaken in the first quarter of 2019.