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Mosman Council Building

Council Decided – 5 March 2019

Posted Friday 08 March 2019

Civic Improvement Project

A detailed report was presented to Council outlining the recent program of refurbishment and improvement works carried out at the Mosman Civic Centre as well as Barry O’Keefe Library, Mosman Youth Centre, Mosman Square Seniors Centre and Council’s Works Deport. This major project, delivered on time and on budget, has provided residents, customers, Councillors and staff with enhanced facilities and work spaces.

Netball Grounds and Facilities

Following a resolution in December 2018 requesting staff investigate potential locations for new netball courts in Mosman, Council considered a report detailing the findings of this investigation. Council also considered the views of a number of sporting and community groups in attendance at the meeting. After lengthy discussion and debate Council resolved to take a number of actions including:

  • Revising the use of Marie Bashir Mosman Sports Centre giving priority to women’s sport
  • Committing to pursuing with the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust the installation of lighting at the Drill Hall Common netball courts
  • Installing a modest cabin for use as a clubhouse adjacent to the outdoor courts at Drill Hall Common, subject to approval by the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust
  • Establishing grass courts at Spit West, to be ready for 2020 netball season
  • Liaising with the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust to ascertain the possibility of using its land to install grass or hardstand netball courts
  • Beginning a consultation process after the State elections for installation of lights at Spit West, with a further report to then come back to Council

Raglan Street West Car Park

Having regard to the range of options already considered for the Raglan Street West Car Park site over many years, Council resolved in October last year to investigate the construction of a pre-fabricated single storey carpark on the site, with a view to charging for parking to help recoup the cost. Following consideration of the report prepared as a result of these investigations, Council resolved that no further action be taken on the matter.

Before and After School Care

Council considered a report detailing the history and current operations of its Before and After School Care Service and resolved to refer this matter to a Councillor workshop for further consideration.

Development Application Process

Council resolved to seek a report on options to reduce ambit-claim development applications which will then be reviewed at a Councillor workshop.