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Mosman Council Building

Council Decided – 2 July 2019

Posted Friday 05 July 2019

Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement – Public Meeting

Council adopted a recommendation from Mayor Carolyn Corrigan that a public meeting be held to present the key points on Mosman’s draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) ahead of the close of public consultation on this significant document. The public meeting will be held in the Council Chambers at 6.30pm on Wednesday 24 July and residents can register to attend by calling 9978 4000.

The draft LSPS sets out a 20-year vision for land-use planning in Mosman, outlining how growth and change will be managed to maintain the area’s environmental amenity, liveability and landscape qualities. The document was adopted for consultation at Council’s meeting of 4 June 2019 and was subsequently released for public comment on 27 June. The document can be viewed and submissions made here.

Technology and Innovation at Council

Council considered a report outlining the organisation’s approach to technology and innovation, detailing the current and future framework for technological advancement that has customer service and service efficiency as core objectives. The report, available on the 2 July Council agenda, contains an extensive range of recent, current and future initiatives that demonstrate Council’s ongoing commitment to making the most of available technologies.

Traffic Matters

A range of matters referred from the latest Local Traffic Committee meeting in May 2019 were discussed by Council. Decisions arising from these discussions included:

  • Proceeding to traffic modelling to determine the impact of implementing a ‘No Right hand Turn’ from Avenue Road to Military Road. This matter will be reported again to Council following the modelling and subsequent consideration by the Traffic Committee
  • Commencing works to install a pedestrian refuge on Middle Head Road, just west of its intersection with Methuen Avenue
  • Installing signs as well as yellow line markings to illustrate No Stopping restrictions at the bend of Lower Punch Street and Little Street as well as at the bend outside 18 Lower Punch Street
  • Calling for a report on the efficacy of yellow lines as they apply to the No Stopping restriction 10 metres from an intersection

Retail Land Uses in Business Centres

It was agreed by Council that a review of the objectives for B1 and B2 zones in the Mosman LEP 2012 be undertaken to strengthen the small-scale nature of neighbourhood centres as well as the local character and village atmosphere of Mosman Junction. Further, a report will be prepared on the use of character overlays to reinforce the local identity and a scale of these centres, while the option of limiting the size of retail premises in various locations to a maximum gross floor area of 500sqm will also be investigated as part of the Mosman LEP review scheduled for 2020/21. Additional material is to be made available to the community on Council’s website explaining permissible uses in Mosman’s current business zones.

Easy to Do Business

Council resolved to participate in the Easy to Do Business Program coordinated by Service NSW. This State government program provides a one stop shop for customers wishing to set up a new business in participating Council areas, helping them navigate through all necessary approvals. To date the proposed businesses assisted through the program have generally been limited to cafes, restaurants and small bars, with the program now being expanded to support housing and construction, retail, print manufacturing and road freight transport.

Amenities Upgrades – Balmoral

Over the next four months a series of upgrades will be undertaken to amenities at Balmoral. These include public bathroom facilities at the Bathers Pavilion, the Tramshed and at Balmoral Baths. Council resolved to accept the Tender of ATG (Sydney) Project and Property Solutions Pty Ltd to undertake the upgrade program and works are expected to commence later this month, for completion by the end of October.

Use of Glyphosate (Round Up)

After hearing from residents regarding concerns over the use of glyphosate (or ‘Round Up’), Council noted recent US court cases linking exposure to glyphosate by people working with the product to cancer and other disorders. Council resolved to liaise with other councils that have found alternatives to glyphosate as well as with the Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA) to gather further information, with staff to report back to Council by April 2020 with recommendations including the option of phasing out use of glyphosate. Council also resolved to erect signage at appropriate locations in the days following use of glyphosate.

Mosman Occasional Care Centre – Consultation

Council listened to community concerns regarding closure of the Mosman Occasional Childcare Centre (MOCC) in December this year and acknowledged the high value MOCC provides to the community. Council resolved to invite public comment for six weeks via an online feedback page on the value of MOCC within Mosman. The feedback received will be made available to Councillors and will be considered when the outcome of the development application for the Allan Border Oval pavilion redevelopment returns to Council. Staff will also continue to look at all options to provide occasional care in a manner currently provided by MOCC. The online feedback page will be publicly notified once it is available.

Parking Management

At its meeting on 4 June Council resolved to make use of the parking sensors currently installed in Mosman for enforcement purposes, to switch on the purple lights in car parks to identify overstayers and to alter parking restrictions in the Vista Street carpark from 1P to 2P and 4P to 3P. It was also decided that the commencement of enforcement would be subject to a two month community education program and grace period. Council also resolved that an analysis be undertaken of the impact of converting unrestricted parking spaces in Gouldsbury Street and Myahgah Road to 2P, with further reports also to be prepared to Council and the Traffic Committee from time to time making recommendations on further improvements to Council’s parking regime using data obtained from its parking technology.

The above resolution was the subject of a rescission motion at the 2 July meeting, however the rescission motion was defeated, meaning that the above resolution of 4 June will now be actioned.