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Council Decided – 4 August 2020

Posted Friday 07 August 2020

Independent Review – Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

In October 2019 the Federal Minister for the Environment commissioned an independent review of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (SHFT), which manages significant landholdings in Mosman. The results of this review were released in June this year, including recommendations that the SHFT operate as an ongoing (rather than a transitional) entity and that all Trust sites remain in public hands. The review also identified the need for much stronger collaboration with the NSW Government and local councils to support a ‘whole of Harbour’ approach to foreshore public lands. Council noted the review findings and resolved to write to both the Minister for the Environment and Chair of the SHFT reiterating its desire for greater involvement of local government in the management of Trust sites, as well as a more specific role in future planning for the 10 Terminal site at Middle Head.

Child Safety Policy

Council again considered a draft Policy on Child Safety following public exhibition of the draft document during June and July 2020. The draft Policy sets out Mosman Council’s commitment to a child safe culture across its operations. There were no comments submitted in relation to the draft policy from members of the local community during its exhibition, although positive feedback and some suggestions for further content was received from the National Office of Child Safety, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Council resolved to adopt the draft policy as presented, including some minor amendments addressing the National Office feedback.

Councillor Superannuation

The NSW Office of Local Government issued a discussion paper earlier this year on future options for Councillor superannuation and, acknowledging the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, provided an extended period for receipt of submissions ending in early August. Council, having previously requested that the Office of Local Government defer this issue, again considered the options presented in the discussion paper and resolved that it make a further submission supporting maintenance of the status quo in relation to superannuation contributions for Councillors. Council noted that it is not the right time to progress this matter further due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Complaints Management

A report was presented to Council outlining the number and nature of formal complaints received and dealt with by Council during the 2019-2020 financial year. The report also included a listing of accolades received by Council during the same period. It was noted in the report that, of the hundreds of thousands of customer interactions during the year, a total of 36 formal complaints were received, being an 18% reduction on complaints received during the previous financial year. There was also some longer periods for complaint resolution attributed to factors including COVID-19 and staff absences. A total of 134 formal accolades were also recorded during 2019-2020, providing welcome acknowledgement and appreciation of exceptional service by staff.

Bus Stop Relocation – Prince Albert Street

Council endorsed a resolution of the Traffic Committee meeting held on 7 July 2020, resolving that community consultation be undertaken on the proposed removal of the bus stop located in front of No. 17 Prince Albert Street, Mosman – currently serviced solely by Route 228 on weekdays.

Mosman Local Housing Strategy

It is a requirement of the NSW Government’s Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Metropolis of Three Cities 2018, and district plans, that all councils prepare a local housing strategy providing a locally relevant response to meeting the growing demand for housing in Greater Sydney. A Draft Local Housing Strategy addressing these requirements for Mosman was presented to Council for consideration, focussing on the right locations for housing growth, maintaining appropriate housing choice, facilitating housing for an ageing population, maintaining or enhancing local neighbourhood character and resident amenity, and informing housing affordability issues. It was unanimously resolved by Council that this draft Strategy be endorsed for public exhibition for a period of six weeks and that a further report on the matter then be submitted to Council addressing any submissions received.

Slow Down Signs Pilot Project

Following a resolution by Council in February this year, a six-week trial of ‘Slow Down’ signs along Moruben Road was launched in mid-March. Speed surveys were conducted before and during the trial, however due to COVID-19 restrictions post-trial speed surveys were not undertaken. Community consultation was also conducted in relation to the trial, with 13 responses received and most in agreement with the process to slow down traffic on local roads. Having considered an update report on this project Council resolved that the program be undertaken again in the future where circumstances warrant, and that for any such projects relevant signage be reviewed with a view to increasing its visibility to motorists. Enquiries will also be made with other Councils to ascertain the results of similar programs elsewhere.

Climate Action Community Consultative Committee

In accordance with a resolution of Council in early July to establish a Climate Action Community Consultative Committee, a report was presented to Council including a draft Charter for this Committee and recommendations regarding the Committee establishment process. Council subsequently resolved to adopt the draft Charter, to call for Expressions of Interest for community members of the Committee and to endorse a selection process for community membership. It was also resolved that the Mayor and Councillor Sherlock be appointed as the Councillor representatives on the Committee, with Councillor Menzies to be an alternate member in the absence of the Mayor or Councillor Sherlock. This matter will be further reported to Council following the recruitment process for community members.

Musgrave Street Wharf Upgrade Proposal

Council considered a notice of motion addressing plans by the NSW Government to upgrade the South Mosman (Musgrave Street) Ferry Wharf. Having discussed the aesthetic impact of the associated lift structure, Council voiced its support for the Government’s Transport Access Program but noted the brutal impact of the proposed design at the harbour gateway to Mosman Bay. Council resolved to request that the NSW Government modify (‘screen and green’) the proposed design so that the lift structure is more sympathetic to the natural environment, achieved possibly through a ‘living wall’.