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ClimateClever initiative for Mosman

Posted Tuesday 11 August 2020

Council has partnered with ClimateClever to offer residents and local schools a 12 month subscription to the ClimateClever app for half the standard subscription fee.

A product of research at the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, the ClimateClever app enables users to measure and monitor their environmental impact through electricity, gas and water consumption, and provides an action plan on how to be more energy efficient, and reduce emissions and utility bills.

ClimateClever works in three simple steps:

  • Measure – Calculate carbon footprint and track consumption, emissions and costs.
  • Audit – Understand how the home or school consumes resources, and how this contributes to carbon footprint and utility costs.
  • Action – Create a custom action plan to systematically reduce resource consumption, emissions and utility bills.

For residents

Mosman residents are invited to subscribe to the ClimateClever Homes app for 12 months for $15 (ex GST). For more information and to subscribe with this discount follow this link.

For schools

Mosman schools are invited to subscribe to ClimateClever for 12 months with a 50% price reduction. Schools using ClimateClever typically save at least 10% on utility costs, and the app links carbon reduction initiatives to the curriculum and enables action based learning. A subscription comes with teaching resources, opportunities to connect with other ClimateClever schools, comparison data and progress reports. For more information and to subscribe with this discount follow this link. Note, pricing depends on school size.