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From the Mayor

From the Mayor - 28 April 2021

Our children are settling back into school life with the start of a super busy and hopefully highly productive and happy second term.

From the Mayor - 24 March 2021

With the holidays approaching I ask the community to draw on the traditional Easter symbols of renewal and transformation.

From the Mayor - 24 February 2021

The events of the last year have shown us, more than ever, the importance of mutual respect and open, inclusive communities.

From the Mayor - 27 January 2021

If something can happen once, it can happen again. This is the oft-ignored first lesson of history and never has it been a more important lesson.

From the Mayor - 25 November 2020

As I write my final column for 2020, I reflect on a year like no other in recent history for all peoples, both locally and globally.

From the Mayor - 28 October 2020

Council was able to provide some much-appreciated opportunities for local business people in two Small Business Month events.

From the Mayor - 23 September 2020

The countdown has begun for our Year 12 students with the 2020 HSC forever staking its place in the history books.

From the Mayor - 26 August 2020

As Mosman’s young men and women prepare for the upcoming 2020 HSC and the finish of school, all Councillors are acutely aware that the year has brought unexpected and unprecedented change.

From the Mayor - 29 July 2020

The resurgence of COVID-19 clusters across Sydney has shone a light on the ongoing need for all to continue putting the public health needs of the collective ahead of individual needs.

From the Mayor - 24 June 2020

As Council continues to carefully and cautiously relax COVID restrictions, a number of significant changes at Council’s community facilities will commence over the coming week.