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Snorkel Mosman - Cuttlefish


Cuttlefish, like squid have eight arms and two tentacles which they use for feeding. They are carnivorous and eat crustaceans and fish.

Like other cephalopods (squid and octopus), cuttlefish are great at changing their appearance to blend in with their natural surroundings.

The Mourning Cuttlefish (Sepia plangon) gets its name from the blueish tinge around its eyes. You might be lucky enough to see them if snorkelling at Balmoral, Chowder Bay or Chinamans Beach.

Cuttlebones help the cuttlefish remain buoyant as they swim through the water.

Did you know? Every species’ cuttlebone looks a little different. So that means that you can identify the species of cuttlefish just from the cuttlebones which are found washed up on the beach.


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