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Community Gardening

Mosman Community Gardeners is a community group committed to working together to create a thriving network of community food gardens around Mosman to demonstrate, promote, educate and advocate environmental sustainability through growing food locally.

Our objective is to:

  • create community meeting places and common ground for people of varying cultural backgrounds, experiences and interests
  • promote waste minimisation, demonstrating composting and water usage techniques that can be used by people in their own homes
  • demonstrate practical solutions to growing food in a suburban location, in particular organic methods where plants are cultivated without the use of chemicals.

Community Gardening and Garden Planning

Quite a bit of consideration has gone into identifying what makes a suitable community garden site in Mosman. Understandably any proposal to establish a community garden will see quite a few stakeholders involved. These include:

  • The group wishing to establish the garden
  • Site neighbours
  • Council
  • The land owner (the majority of parkland in Mosman is not owned by Council)
  • Other users

There will also be site requirements and issues that are specific to each site such as zoning, garden requirements (ie size needed, aspect, water) equipment storage, access and transport and waste management.

If you are thinking of establishing a community garden Council has identified several Council owned sites that may be suitable. If you are proposing to establish a community garden let Council know many people there are in your group, what your aims are, how much area you think you might need and any site specific requirements we can see if there are Council owned sites that might be worth considering.

It will be important to have a very good idea of what you are looking to achieve and a clear plan. The list below will be helpful in developing a plan and proposal. This list is from the perspective of the three primary stakeholders being the Gardening Group, Council, and the owner of the land. Public consultation will be a part of Council’s consideration of any proposal to establish a community garden and it is likely all these questions will be asked by other users and neighbors of a proposed site.

Community Garden – Site Selection and Garden Proposal Help Sheet

Common Considerations

  • Site accessibility / close to suitable parking / reasonably level (usable for members)
  • Access to water & suitable drainage
  • Good sunlight and general growing / gardening conditions
  • Reasonable size to accommodate enough gardeners to make the garden viable, the garden and buffer if required.
  • Site operation. (Equipment / materials storage, waste / compost management etc)
  • Potential community support – particularly direct neighbours

Garden Group Considerations (provided by Community Gardeners)

  • Site needs to support a minimum of 20 gardeners
  • Public liability insurance maybe required
  • Smaller sites / group may be more suited to verge gardens

Council Considerations

  • Allowable under Mosman’s current Local Environment Plan
  • Site has no conflicting or specific current use or purpose (traffic, access, easement)
  • Very little impact on surrounding areas
  • Does not interfere unreasonably with other recreational pursuits in the reserve
  • Generally within keeping with the aesthetics and layout of the surrounding lands
  • Does not alienate public land from general community use

NSW Department of Lands Considerations (Parkland not owned by Council)

  • There is no clear public land alternative to locate the garden (ie nearby Council land)
  • Council is the appointed reserve trust manager of the particular reserve
  • A suitable tenure or management regime is proposed by the reserve trust manager.

We offer support to residents seeking to establish community gardens in parks, private land and street verges.

Mosman Community Gardeners (MCG)

MCG currently has two community gardens: one on National Parks and Wildlife Service land at the Soldiers Institute at Middle Head, and another in partnership with Ausgrid and Mosman Council on Ausgrid owned land at Mackie Lane in Mosman. Both gardens are thriving and MCG welcomes new members. You can visit at any time the gardens are open and be shown around and join in.

Group gardening times:

Mackie Lane Garden

Wednesdays and Sundays 3-5pm. Refreshments from 4.30pm in winter and from 5pm in summer on the first Sunday of the month.

Middle Head Garden

Tuesdays 3-5pm and Sundays 4-6pm.


Website Mosman Community Gardeners
Phone Nick Collis-George 0421 008485

Other Options – Street Verges, Nature Strips and Unmade Roads

Residents are able to make an application to garden on street verges and underutilised unmade road reserves. Applications are reviewed considering potential impacts on pedestrian and traffic movements, neighbouring residents and other users. Where an application is approved applicants are responsible for maintenance and establishment costs, as is the case where street verges are planted as gardens.