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Road Safety

As part of the Local Government Road Safety Program, Mosman Council’s Road Safety Officer provides educational campaigns to help reduce crashes and casualties on our local roads.

Below are some of the current projects and road safety information.

Road Safety Education Programs

Road safety education programs include:

  • Speeding – on local Mosman streets
  • Drinking Driving
  • Senior Driver Workshop
  • Senior Pedestrian Seminars
  • Safety Around Schools Program
  • Children’s Pedestrian Safety
  • Child Car Seat Fitting
  • Road Rule Awareness
  • Workshops for Parents and Supervisors of Learner Drivers
For road safety education information contact Council’s Road Safety Officer Rebecca on 02 9978 4032 or

Frequently Misunderstood Traffic Rules

road rules no stopping No Stopping: Vehicles must not stop in a No Stopping area for any length of time – No stopping means no stopping. Dropping off or picking up passengers is not permitted in these areas. A continuous yellow edge line also indicates a No Stopping zone. Fine: exceeds $268 ($344 and 2 demerit points in a school zone).
Unbroken yellow kerb line: An unbroken yellow kerb line is a no stopping line and therefore the same rules apply as for No Stopping sign. Drivers must not stop for any reason other than a medical or similar emergency. Fine: exceeds $268 ($344 and 2 demerit points in a school zone).
road rules no parking No Parking: Vehicles may stop in a No Parking area to pick up or drop off goods or passengers provided drivers stay within three meters of their vehicle and are not parked in the No Parking zone for longer than two minutes. Fine: exceeds $191 and 2 demerit points (in a school zone).
road rules bus zone Bus Zones: Must be kept clear at all times. Vehicles that are parked and stopped in bus zones create problems for bus drivers pulling into and out of these bays. Buses forced to double park and manoeuvre through inadequate space is extremely dangerous. It is illegal to stop in a bus zone for any period of time. Fine: exceeds $344 and 2 demerit points (in a school zone).
Driveways: Be conscious of where you park your car, do not park across, blocking or partly blocking a driveway. Think of others and the residents of the house you are blocking need emergency access at all times. Fine: exceeds $114.
Centre for Road Safety: Stay up to date with current road safety campaigns, statistics and road rules via the Centre for Road Safety website.

Senior Driver Seminars

Each year a free Senior Driver Seminar is conducted for older drivers aged 60 and above. This seminar is suited for any older driver looking to refresh their skills and knowledge of driving, it includes:
  • Specific risk factors for older drivers
  • NSW Older Driver Assessment
  • Available assessment options
  • Preparing for life after driving
  • Answering the most common questions regarding roundabouts, intersections, confusing road rules and vehicle technology.

Contact Council’s Road Safety Officer on 99784032 to register for the next seminar.

Child Car Seat Checking

Child restraint checking day

Currently the child car seat checking project is being revamped into a better project. Please contact Rebecca on 99784032 for further information or to be put on a waitlist.

Trial ‘Slow Down’ Road Safety Project

Council will be encouraging drivers to slow down on local roads through the installation of temporary ‘Slow Down’ signs in a trial road safety project that will be conducted on Moruben Road from Mandolong Road to Stanton Road.

The project will be run over a 6 week period, from 16 March until 1 May, in which the signs will be placed along the length of Moruben Road with education via social media and measuring vehicle speeds. The main aim of this project is to remind motorists to slow down to an appropriate speed on local roads and be reminded of the urban speed limit of 50k/h, by displaying bold signage in visible areas beside the road.

Speed is the highest contributing factor in car crashes in Mosman. Speed-related fatalities contribute to about 40 per cent of road deaths each year.

Both International and Australian research shows that even small reductions in vehicle speed (as little as 5km/h) can reduce the number of deaths and the severity of injuries caused by crashes. Hitting a pedestrian when travelling at 40km/h they have a 75 per cent chance of survival, compared to being hit at 50km/h where they have a 45 per cent chance of survival.

As Council is committed to limiting and reducing plastic use, the signs are made of a plastic that can be recycled at the end of the life of the signs. The signs will also be reused at other locations.

If the results from the public consultation and review of results show that the project is successful and supported by the public then consideration will be given to extending the project to other streets. The signs would be placed on specific streets on a temporary and rotational basis within Mosman.

If you would like to have a say on this project then please fill out the online survey.

Public comments close on Friday 1 May 2020.