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Termites on Timber Fences

Timber and recycled timber is a great option for your fence. It helps save the environment as well as your bank balance; and gives your fence character. If using new timber, try to buy from suppliers who harvest from sustainable plantations. Timber fences come in a range of styles including include picket, louvre, panel and lapped paling. They can be treated, painted, stained or left to age naturally, depending on the desired look and colour. The life of the timber can be increased by treatment against rot, insects, termites, and the elements. Therefore, when selecting fencing materials make sure to use a pest-resistant product, which has a warranty against termites and fungus.

However, University of Western Sydney says lately Good riddance to termites – scientists uncover a natural solution to a home owner’s nightmare:

The miraculous plant extract, a native Eremophila species often thought to be a sandalwood, but not actually part of the sandalwood family, has been found to not only kill termites, but also repel them and prevent further infestations. Further research is set to be carried out, including testing the product on different termite species around the world.

Rust Resistance

Metals such as chromium and magnesium can be alloyed with the steel to help make it rust resistant. Also, special protective coatings on steel can stop rusting.

When the metal zinc is coated on the surface of steel (by dipping the steel in a hot liquid solution of zinc – a process called ‘galvanising’) the zinc forms a special layer of zinc oxide which protects the steel underneath. Zinc is known as ‘the great protector’ and galvanised steel products such as Zincalume®, Colourbond® and Galvalume® are well known.

Graffiti Solutions