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Undergrounds of overhead power lines

Undergrounding of Overhead Power Lines

The process of undergrounding a section of overhead power line is known as a network connection relocation. Council has a minimal role in the works as relocation predominately involves Ausgrid assets.

Owners planning a relocation of the overhead power line connection to their property have the responsibility to ensure all design and construction works are approved by Ausgrid and are compliant with their regulations. Relocation of an existing connection to the Ausgrid network must be designed and constructed by Accredited Service Providers (ASPs). Furthermore designers are required to be a minimum of Level 3 accreditation (ASP3) and constructors to be of Level 1 accreditation (ASP1).

Additional information regarding network connection relocation can be found at Ausgrid.
In some circumstances, if you lodge a Development Application you will be required to underground existing overhead cables. This will depend on the street you live in and more information can be found under Development Control Plans .


Why would I want to underground the Overhead Power Lines?

Part of the benefits of living in the municipality of Mosman is the great location and brilliant views. A way of improving the aesthetics of the area and the value of a property is to remove the overhead power lines from those views.

What are owner/s responsible for?

Owner/s are responsible for the timely provision of required application forms and payments to Ausgrid at various stages of design and construction. It is recommended for owner/s to seek advice from an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 3 regarding the design and approvals process.

Owner/s must engage an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 3 to prepare the design of the relocation works. Owners need to submit the design documentation to Ausgrid. If Ausgrid approve the design the owner will be provided with a Connection Offer.

Owner/s are then responsible for engaging an ASP Level 1 to complete the relocation work and for notifying Ausgrid of intended work on site prior to commencement of construction.

If the proposed works are to impact property of Mosman Council or Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), owner/s are responsible for notifying Council and/or RMS. Where applications and/or payments are required for approval, owners are responsible for ensuring all required approvals are acquired. An ASP can be engaged to assist owners with these approvals.

Who do I contact?

Owner/s will need to contact neighbouring owner/s if the network connection relocation is to impact on or involve neighbouring properties. In some circumstances if everyone agrees, you can share the costs for the work.

Owner/s must engage an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 3 to prepare the design of the relocation works.

Owner/s will need to lodge a Relocation Request with Ausgrid in writing to the address below, complete with all details including site sketch of proposed relocation works.

GPO Box 4009

Upon approval of the Relocation Request, owner/s will need to engage an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 1 to complete the construction work. Ausgrid require owner/s to keep them up to date with activities on site through their assigned Connection Officer.

What fees are involved and how much does the whole process typically cost?

Ausgrid charges a non-refundable upfront fee of $1,700 to carry out a Relocation Assessment. If approved, owner/s will also be required to pay a Connection Charge prior to commencement of construction works. The Connection Charge will vary depending on the works required.

Council does not charge any fees for the relocation works. However, if construction is to impact council property or requires the removal of trees, standard Council procedures and fees for these works will apply.

The overall cost of construction may vary significantly depending on location and works required. Typically, these works cost an owner a minimum of $70,000 for a property frontange. It should be noted that this indicative cost is dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • Distance of undergrounding works and layout of property
  • Reconfiguration of any street lighting infrastructure
  • Relocation of other infrastructure (transformers, utilities, etc)
  • Impact on public infrastructure (footpaths, roads, etc)

It may be prudent for owners to engage an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 3 for an accurate price estimate of the full relocation process.