Resident Parking Schemes

Resident Parking Schemes provide increased opportunity for residents to park their vehicles on the street adjacent to their properties by introducing period parking restrictions in residential streets and exempting eligible residents from time restrictions. Resident Parking Schemes are designed to discourage non-residents looking for long term parking in residential streets.

Council currently has Residential Parking Schemes in a range of streets across the Mosman area where permits are issued to eligible residents. These permits are valid from 1 November until 31 October of the following year, subject to satisfying the eligibility criteria. To check if your property is within a Residential Parking Scheme area please refer to the Residential Parking Scheme map and then proceed to the online system for processing. Eligibility is based on the number of off-street parking spaces on the property.

Residential Parking Permits can be purchased online at

To purchase your Residential Parking Permit you will need your vehicle registration number, a digital image of your NSW Driver Licence in your Mosman address, and a valid credit card for payment. The permit will be available immediately once you have successfully completed the online application form and made payment.

There is no physical permit to attach to your car, just like your car registration the permit is virtual. Permits can be checked by the Council Rangers using an online system.

Visitor Parking Permits

All properties located in Residential Parking Scheme areas are eligible for Visitor Parking Permits, regardless of their eligibility for a Residential Parking Permit.

Permits are purchased online at

Properties are entitled to a maximum of 40 permits per year (1 November to 31 October). The first 10 permits are free, then there is a $2.00 fee for all additional permits. Visitor Permits are valid for a 24 hour period and you need to enter the vehicle registration number when purchasing the Visitor Permit.

Carer Permits

Available on application, please write to Council for your request to be considered.