Green the Block

Green the Block is a new initiative developed by Mosman Council to help residents living in apartments and unit blocks achieve their sustainability goals. We aim to help troubleshoot your environmental challenges and provide resources to bring about better environmental outcomes in waste and recycling.

People living in apartments and units often face barriers to better waste and recycling practices because of:

  • Poor waste infrastructure (bin rooms and garbage chutes)
  • Lack of engagement or understanding of other residents
  • High occupancy turnover
  • Culture of illegal dumping
  • No room/support for organics composting

On average, 20% of the waste placed in Mosman landfill bins is recyclable. This means that residents simply aren’t aware of what is and isn’t recyclable, and survey results highlight the need for better communication about household recycling. In response, Mosman Council has created a suite of new educational materials to make recycling simpler and clearer for residents, using colour coded signage and photos of recyclable objects.

Waste and Recycling Flyer

Initially targeting apartment buildings and units through Council’s Green the Block Recycling Initiative, the new signage has been popping up across the municipality over the last few weeks and has been well-received by residents. The aim is now to roll out the signage across the municipality, clearing up the many misconceptions about recycling. The best news? It’s all free!

If you are interested in getting hold of FREE recycling stickers and signage, or have any recycling questions, call Mosman Council on 9978 4000.

Want to help improve recycling in Mosman? Please take a few minutes to complete our recycling survey. We appreciate your input!

Fix bin room nightmares (foul odours, bin set up and lack of signage)

There’s nothing worse than a filthy bin room. This only encourages bad recycling behaviour, and demotivates those who try to do their best. Research shows that keeping bin rooms as clean as possible through regular maintenance and good design promote best practice apartment recycling.

Step 1. Make a bin room assessment

  • Are there enough bins for the size of the apartment block?
  • Are all the bins in good working order? (Cracked, broken? How are the wheels?)
  • Are the lid colours up to date? (Red – landfill, Blue – paper and cardboard, Yellow- missed plastics and metals)
  • Is the bin room filthy? Who is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the bin room?

Step 2. Take action

Once you have answered these questions, you’re on track to have a sparkling clean waste room that will be your pride and joy!

  • To update or replace broken or outdated bins, or check whether you have enough bins for your block, please give the Waste Line a call on 9978 4076. We want to support you in your endeavour to recycle.
  • If your bin room is filthy contact the owner’s corporation and start the conversation about improving your waste room. Direct them to this helpful green strata page for tips about recycling and how they can encourage residents.
  • If you would like some friendly advice about waste room best practices and encouraging residents to recycle feel free to call 9978 4024.

Discourage and reduce illegal dumping

There is nothing good about being dumped

Manage organic waste

Garden waste

Mosman Council offers monthly green waste organic collection in the green lidded bin. You can put garden waste such as leaves and small branches in this bin, but not food waste from your kitchen. Council uses your green waste to create mulch that improves soil and reduces weeds in our parks and gardens.

If you need green bins or would like to order additional bins for your apartment building call the Council Waste Line on 9978 4024.


Around 40% of all household waste is organic. Multi-unit dwellings provide great opportunities to reduce organic waste to landfill as you can capture more waste in centralised composting systems. There are many composting solutions to suit most contexts, so it pays to work out what will work best for your building.

Composting is a great way to recycle the valuable nutrients in your kitchen scraps, creating great soil and helping your garden to thrive. With a bit of management, home composting can be low maintenance and provide a great on site solution for reducing your environmental impact. All the soil you create will also provide a good excuse for starting your own community vegetable or herb garden!

Mosman Council has joined the Compost Revolution to offer tutorials for learning how to compost as well as a simple home delivery system with discounted composting products.

Be inspired! For a great case study on apartment composting, check out Green Strata.