• Council elections are held every 4 years.
  • The first popularly elected Mayor took office in 2012.
  • The Deputy Mayor is elected by the members of the Council for a period of 12 months.

The local government election for Mosman Council, originally scheduled for September 2016, has now been gazetted by the Minister for Local Government to be held on Saturday 9 September 2017.

This date may still be impacted by further decisions regarding the merger proposal for Mosman, North Sydney and Willoughby City Councils, however the 9 September election will proceed in Mosman unless otherwise advised.

For more information about NSW local government elections as well as details on the registration process for prospective candidates visit votensw.info/nsw_local_council_elections_2017.

Poll of Electors – September 2017

Having previously agreed at its February 2017 meeting to conduct a poll of electors at the 9 September local government election, Council resolved to frame the poll question as follows:

“Do you favour the amalgamation of Mosman Municipal Council with Willoughby City Council and North Sydney Council?”

This will be the seventh time Council has polled residents on the question of amalgamation since 1962, with the most recent poll conducted at the 2012 local government election. Across the six polls previously conducted, the average opposition to Mosman’s amalgamation has been 86.5% of voters.

The proposed 2017 poll question will be referred with a Yes/No Case to the NSW Electoral Commission for approval.