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What Should I Read Next?

Looking for something new to read? Explore these websites for book suggestions that are tailored to your personal tastes.

NoveList Plus

Novelist Plus is a great online resource for avid readers looking for book recommendations, read-alikes, reading lists and discussion guides.

Access from anywhere with your Mosman Library Service membership card.

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NextReads is a free service that delivers great reading suggestions to your inbox.

If you’re looking for a good book or would like to know what’s new in the library, subscribe to NextReads and each month we’ll send you a newsletter packed full of recommended titles available to borrow from the library.

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What Should I Read Next?

Recommends based purely on collective taste: when books are entered into the same favorites list, they become associated with each other. The more often particular items appear on different lists, the stronger that association becomes. Purely and simply, What Should I Read Next represents mass opinion about books.

What Should I Read Next

Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Fiction is an online catalog of authors and books for those of us who love to read fiction.

If you‘ve ever stayed up all night with the latest page turner (even though it‘s work tomorrow); if you can‘t wait to read the next book by your favorite author and get a real buzz from discovering a new book, then Fantastic Fiction is aimed at you.

Fantastic Fiction

Who Else Writes Like…?

Who else writes like…..? is designed to help anyone who enjoys reading fiction to find new and exciting authors. If you have ever asked the question “I’ve read all the books by my favourite authors, who shall I read next?” then this website is for you.

Who Else Writes Like…?

Books and Authors

Books and Authorsaccess from anywhere with your Mosman Library Service membership card.

Explore the latest genre fiction, essential non-fiction and the authors behind the titles. Browse these and other works, using tools that make finding them and remembering them easy.

Too many books to remember? No problem – just save them to a list in your own personal Reading Room. My Reading Room lets you save and modify reading lists, reviews you’ve written, book lists you’ve created, and much more!

Read-A-Like wizard: give us a book you like, and we’ll suggest books to read next, based on subject, author, genre and more!

Good Reading

Good Reading magazine is an Australian owned monthly magazine dedicated to books and reading.

Available online you can get instant access to thousands of interesting Australian and International articles, author interviews, book trivia and book reviews from anywhere with your Mosman Library Service membership card.

Explore the latest issue of Good Reading Magazine.

Last updated Friday 2 July 2021
Last updated Friday 2 July 2021