Bin Collection Dates

Each year a calendar including all household waste and recycling collection dates is delivered to Mosman residents. You can also access the calendar here.

Find your collection calendar

  1. Check the map to locate the day and zone for your street
  2. Zoom in to confirm the collection zone for your house (the map shows house numbers). Note: It is important to complete this step as streets in Mosman can be split between two zones.
  3. Open the appropriate Collection Calendar below

Calendars for 2017

How do I present my bins for collection at the kerb?

  1. All waste and recycling bins must be placed at the kerb directly outside your property the night before your scheduled service. The bins should be clear of any impediments such as trees and telegraph poles. The service times may vary throughout the day of your collection, therefore bins placed out on the morning of your collection day may be missed.
  2. Please ensure that the lids of your bins are fully closed when they are presented for collection. Items placed next to bins will not be collected. Overfull bins create litter and pollution in our streets and waterways, so let’s work together to keep Mosman streets clean!
  3. Once serviced, bins must be collected as soon as possible and stored back on the property to which they belong.