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Mosman Connects

Reaching out and making connections in your community can positively change your life and the life of a neighbour, and neighbourhoods as well as individuals. Some studies have shown that community connections can even increase a person’s lifespan. But, some people are unsure of taking the first step.

Mosman has many events at Mosman Events that provide opportunities for meeting other residents and forming connections. You can also connect with Mosman Community Connects on Facebook.

Here are some other suggestions:

Connecting Neighbours

Mosman is a thriving community due to the residents who give their support and in turn reap the personal rewards of helping others.

You can also contribute in your own way by connecting neighbours.

Notice what’s going on in your neighbourhood. Is someone’s mailbox overflowing? Does someone struggle to put the bins out every week?

Engage with your neighbours and consider organising a neighbourhood get-together or street party.

Initiate conversation. Saying hello is small but meaningful. Chatting to someone new can be intimidating. Make life easier for others by starting the conversation yourself.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee with a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbour or anyone else. It takes less than half an hour to brighten someone’s day.

Help your neighbours. If you see someone struggling with something, offer to give them a hand. It’s a great way to start a relationship with someone in your community.

Bring your computer over! If you have a neighbour who is interested to be computer literate, conduct informal tech-lessons to connect them to the World Wide Web!

Offer to give someone a lift or pick up supplies. Mobility is a problem for a lot of people, and sometimes a quick lift down the road will make all the difference.

Understand that every person’s interests are different, and it may take a little time to find something you have in common.

Remember, there is professional help available for anyone who is struggling with their health and wellbeing. If you are concerned about someone, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Mensline Australia: 1300 789 978

Mosman Council Aged and Disability Services: 9978 4128

In an emergency, please call 000

Connecting You

Connecting with neighbours, family and friends enriches our lives in so many ways.

In connecting with neighbours and our local community, you can:

  • improve your health and happiness. There are proven health benefits.
  • have someone keep an eye on your home or feed your pet if you go away
  • look out for and help each other on a day-to-day basis or when the need arises
  • make new friends!

Mosman provides many opportunities for residents to connect with each other.

Community gardens are a great way to meet people in your area.

Organise a garage sale, and chat to the people who come by. Tell them stories about the things you’re selling – it’s a ready-made conversation starter.

Next time you see a neighbour you don’t know well, say hi. It might not be much at first, but after a while you might start chatting a little more.

Need an ingredient for a cake? Or a tool for fixing the bathroom window? Instead of buying it, try asking a neighbour if you can borrow theirs. And don’t hesitate to reciprocate.

Engage with Council. There are fabulous events for people of all ages. Think about volunteering, see an exhibition at the Mosman Art Gallery or visit the Library, Youth or Seniors Centres.

Cook or bake something for a neighbour. You never know when someone might just need a delicious surprise to make their day!

Try one of Mosman’s many clubs and societies. Join a book club or a sporting club. To find something you’re interested in, head to the Community Database

If you are feeling isolated or struggling to cope, try contacting:
Lifeline: 13 11 14
Mensline Australia: 1300 789 978
Mosman Council Aged and Disability Services: 9978 4128
In an emergency, please call 000

Connecting Community Groups

More than 80 community group members came together to connect and share ideas to work more closely together for the benefit of their own groups and the Mosman community as a whole at the Mosman Connects Community Groups Forum, run jointly by the Rotary Club of Mosman Inc. and Mosman Council. Read more

Community group members enthusiastically contributed feedback and ideas, including support for a Mosman community Facebook page and a register matching groups who need assistance and resources with others who could assist.

Connections made at the forum may also lead to some innovative project proposals and applications to Council’s Community Grants Program 2015-16 which will open in mid-May.

The working group led by Mark Alderson, community group members Di McKenzie, Jane Floyd, and Tina Jackson and Council staff is looking for members to help translate the ideas from the forum into action. Contact Dianne Page at Mosman Council on 9978 4125 if you would like to help or for more information.

Mosman Connects Community Groups Forum with Hugh Mackay, Guest Speaker

Hear acclaimed social researcher and author Hugh Mackay set the scene for community groups at the Mosman Connects Community Groups Forum, held on 10th March 2015 (organised by the Rotary Club of Mosman and Mosman Council).

Hugh provided the forum of 80 participants from 60 local community groups with insights from his latest book The Art of Belonging, emphasising the vital role individuals, community groups, and local government play in nurturing communities. He discusses the importance of community and belonging for all of us, social trends and pressures challenging our local communities, and what we can do about it. His insights informed the ensuing group discussions to facilitate improved communication, collaboration and connection between local community groups.

We welcome your ideas and stories of connecting Mosman. Please email to