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E-Waste gets new life

Posted on Monday 4 March 2024

Hundreds of items destined for landfill will be given new life through a Council e-waste recycling project. 

About 700 residents attended Council’s e-waste drop-off event on 25 February in the Mosman Square car park. Participants contributed a range of household items no longer in use including: 

  • 335 computers 
  • 152 TVs 
  • 28 mobile phones 
  • 224 electrical items 

Unwanted electronic goods contain finite resources such as gold, copper and silver, as well as materials that can be environmentally toxic if they end up in landfill, such as lead and mercury. Recycling e-waste means that these materials can instead be recovered and recycled into new products. 

Check the e-waste page for more details on where and how to recycle.