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Marine and Coastal Environment

Mosman has 24 kilometres of coastline including attractive beaches and tranquil bays rimmed by scenic sandstone and bushland. Excellent access, facilities and the calm waters of sheltered bays render Mosman a popular place for activities like boating, swimming, diving and fishing.

Introduced or exotic species that are not native to Australia may become established around Mosman and become marine pests affecting the environment and our enjoyment of the coast.

Caulerpa Taxifolia

The marine pest Caulerpa taxifoli has been identified in areas of Balmoral, Chinaman’s Beach and Chowder Bay. This pest is not known to affect human health but can spread rapidly and potentially alter marine habitats.

Stop the Spread of Marine Pests

  • Inspect anchors, ropes and other gear for marine pests.
  • Inspect fishing equipment; nets, traps and fishing lines before use.
  • Inspect dive gear such as wetsuits bags and other equipment before use.
  • Collect fragments of Caulerpa taxifolia and other pests you have accidentally picked up. Seal in a plastic bag and dispose of in a bin where they can not re-enter a waterway.

Any sightings of suspected marine pests should be reported to the NSW Department of Primary Industries 24 hour reporting hotline: 4916 3877.

More information

Find out more about marine pest management at Marine Pests.

How You Can Look After Our Valuable Environment

Report pollution incidents, introduced marine pests, fishing infringements, illegal activities or anything unusual to Mosman Council’s Rangers or Environment Officers.

Spills and pollution

By reporting spills and pollution quickly, the appropriate response can be undertaken rapidly and minimize the harm from the incident. Be a responsible citizen and report any pollution incidents, or anything unusual you observe to Mosman Council‘s Rangers or Environment Officers.

Last updated Tuesday 6 July 2021
Last updated Tuesday 6 July 2021