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Mayor and Councillors Expenses

The Mayor and Councillors receive adequate and reasonable expenses and facilities to enable them to carry out their civic duties as elected representative of the Mosman community.

The payment of expenses and provision of facilities is made in accordance with Council’s Policy on Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Mayor and Councillors which is reviewed, exhibited and adopted annually pursuant to section 253(1) of the Local Government Act 1993.

The following fees and expenses with regard to the Mayor and Councillors were paid during 2018-19:

Mayoral allowance43,150.00
Councillors’ fees 138,530.00
Catering and receptions10,342.00
Delegates expenses 8,359.00
Travelling 780.00
Telephony expenses3,927.00
Mayoral Discretionary Fund (Cl.1.1 Expenses Policy)
  • Lions Club of Manly ($600)
  • Relief Donation for Drought Funding ($236)
  • Balmoral Swim for Cancer ($1,000)
  • Taldumande Youth Services ($1,000)
  • Lions Need for Feed event ($250)

Councillors are provided with meals when attending Council and Committee Meetings, workshops and other official functions and receptions, which are included in Catering/Receptions above. Councillor attendance at meetings and workshops is detailed earlier under the heading Councillor Attendance at Meetings and Workshops.

The cost of attendance of Councillors at conferences and seminars together with training and skill development is included in Delegates expenses above. Council does not pay expenses for any spouse, partner or other person who may accompany a Councillor.

In addition, Councillors are provided, upon request, with phone lines and equipment including laptop computers, printers and facsimiles on loan, in accordance with Council’s Policy.

Councillors are provided with tablet devices (six Councillors) and multi-function printers (two Councillors) on a loan basis during the year. Consumables for printers and facsimile machines on loan are provided on request. A desk-top computer and printer are also available for Councillors’ use in the Councillors’ Lounge.

The “Policy for the Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Mayor and Councillors” is available on Council’s Policy page.