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Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport is accessible to the community, offers a choice of transport modes, balances the need to travel with the need to improve the quality of life, and reduces impacts on public health and the environment by minimising fuel consumption, reducing air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Sustainable Transport includes:

  • Car Sharing
  • Electric or Hybrid Vehicles
  • Cycling
  • Car pooling
  • Walking
  • Public Transport

Car sharing

Car sharing provides an inexpensive and sustainable means of transport for local residents, businesses and the wider community, with access to cars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Car share allows Council to support a sustainable transport option for residents, while at the same time reduces cars and traffic congestion within Mosman. It also has the additional benefit of freeing up car spaces as there are less cars in the area.

Currently GoGet Carshare and PopCar are the commercial operators in the area. Mosman Council has provided designated spaces for 13 GoGet cars and three PopCar cars, so no need to worry about finding a car space on your return. There are additional ‘floating’ vehicles in the area. See GoGet Carshare and PopCar for more details.

Car Next Door is a peer-to-peer car share option, allowing you to rent your neighbours car. See Car Next Door for more details.

For interested Car Share Operators, please check the Car Share Policy and complete the Car Share Application Form.


BusWalk is an initiative designed to enhance the liveability, sustainability and enjoyment of our neighbourhood, by promoting the utilisation of Mosman’s bus network and short walks around neighbourhoods to connect precincts such as Balmoral Beach and Mosman Village. This initiative has been designed in line with the objectives of Mosman Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy (WCS 2023-2028).

The community has expressed to Council through a range of engagement exercises that key issues for Mosman include traffic congestion and management, parking availability and affordability, and protection of the natural environment and addressing climate change.

Information on how to best utilise bus routes and short walks can be found in this brochure

The availability of bus routes 114 and 238 are highlighted in the first stage of this project, alongside potential benefits such as increased physical fitness, reduced traffic and parking congestion, and improved environmental and sustainability outcomes.

BusWalk is just one way Council is seeking to work with residents and businesses to make improvements in these areas.

Why should I take action?

  • According to the National Pollutant Inventory data, 26.7% of air pollutants recorded in Mosman are from motor vehicles. Motor vehicles are the single greatest source of air pollutants in Mosman.
  • By using sustainable transport modes you can assist in reducing traffic congestion on Sydney’s roads, and travel more time efficiently, whilst not having to worry about parking at your end destination.
  • Reducing traffic congestion also leads to a reduction in air pollutants, improving air quality and reducing health risks (e.g. respiratory illness).
  • You can save money on the cost of running your vehicle and reduce fuel consumption which will reduce your GHG emissions. By reducing your individual/household GHG emissions you will also be assisting in achieving the Mosman community GHG emissions reduction target, and reducing Mosman’s ecological footprint.
  • Sustainable Transport promotes and encourages the uptake of a healthier lifestyle, increasing health and fitness – this will be beneficial to you, your family and your workplace.
  • Sustainable Transport enables greater social interaction amongst members of the community.

Did you know?

  • Emissions from transport make up 13.5% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • An averaged sized car produces approximately 4.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.
  • Approximately 2.3 kg of carbon dioxide is released from a vehicles exhaust for every litre of petrol used.

How can my actions affect the environment?

Travel makes up 34% of the average Australian’s GHG emissions. Every time you travel to and from home, work, the local shops, or for longer trips or holidays you are consuming fuel, which pollutes the atmosphere and emits GHG’s.

The more fuel consumed the greater the pollution and GHG emitted. For instance travel by plane emits more GHG than travel by train, just as a 4WD emits more GHG than a small 4 cylinder or hybrid vehicle. You can reduce your GHG emissions and impact upon the environment, and improve your health and wellbeing by taking up sustainable transport modes.

Actions I can take

  • Traveling by plane emits the greatest amount of GHG comparative to other modes of transport. Reduce your air travel each year:
    • Why not travel locally and discover the wonder of locations in your own backyard?
    • Set up video conferencing to reduce business travel.
  • If it is not possible to reduce your air travel choose to travel with an airline that will offset your emissions when you purchase your ticket, or offset your emissions through an accredited offset program.
  • Become a one car household, and/or trade in the big 4WD for a smaller more efficient vehicle.
  • When purchasing a new car, choose a hybrid vehicle or a vehicle that is more fuel efficient. Green Vehicle Guide can help you choose an efficient car or show you how efficient your existing car is.
  • Maintain your car and drive economically to reduce fuel consumption. Did you know that cars use more fuel if the air-conditioner is left on? Fuel is also consumed more rapidly when the car is left idling – switch off your vehicle if you are parked for more than a minute.
  • Carpool with family, friends and/or work colleagues rather than driving alone. This saves fuel and money and gives you time to socialise.
  • Become a member of a Car Share Scheme and you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of using a car only when you need to, without the costs of owning and maintaining a car GoGet Carshare.
  • Only use the car when necessary, reduce your trips by combining errands, and shorten your trips where possible by shopping, eating out and/or making appointments locally.
  • If possible work from home at least one day per week to reduce travel to and from work.
  • Attending a work meeting away from the office? Catch public transport to the meeting! This may be more efficient, better for the environment, and saves you the hassle or cost of parking.
  • Leave the car at home and catch public transport for all necessary trips There are frequent bus services from Mosman to the City, Chatswood, North Sydney and the Northern Beaches, as well as ferry services from Mosman Wharf and Musgrave Street Wharf.
  • For shorter trips, such as going to the local shops, or taking the kids to school, the park or sporting event, why not use some leg power – ride your bike or walk! This is a healthy and environmentally friendly option.

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Last updated Friday 2 February 2024
Last updated Friday 2 February 2024