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Book It, Pay It

Book a computer or study room, access web printing, pay Library fees and fines or add value to your card.

Pay Library Fees and Fines and Add Value to your Card

  • Log into Mosman Library Service My Monitor
  • Enter your Library Card Number and Password/PIN or Guest Ticket
  • To Add Value select the Green Add Value Option
  • To Pay Library Fees and Fines select the Red Pay Here option

Book a Computer

  • Log into Book a Computer
  • Mosman Library provides free Internet access and paid printing facilities to library members and guests
  • To book and use a PC customers will need a valid library card and PIN or a guest ticket

Book a Room

The Library Rooms are free and are available for study use only. These rooms cannot be used for tutoring or business meetings.

  • Log into Facility Reservation
  • Rooms may be booked for a maximum of two hours per day
  • No eating or drinking is permitted in these rooms

Web Printing

  • Log into Mosman Web Print
  • Enter your Guest Ticket or Library Card Number and Password
  • Select files from your device and release print at the printer


Black and White

  • A4 – $0.20 each
  • A3 – $0.40 each


  • A4 – $2.20 each
  • A3 – $4.40 each

Please ask Staff if you require assistance

Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021
Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021