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Registered Personal Trainers

Mosman Council licences personal and fitness trainers using its parks and reserves to ensure:

  • they have the appropriate level of public liability insurance;
  • they are appropriately qualified;
  • as a measure towards ensuring compliance with Council‘s conditions of use of its parks and reserves; and
  • to assist in the regulation of unauthorised personal and fitness trainers using public land.

This register and logo for use by licensed personal and fitness trainers has been developed to differentiate themselves from those personal trainers who ignore the licensing system and train groups in Mosman parks and reserves without approval.

Personal and fitness trainers pay an annual fee to Council as a contribution towards the administration of the licencing system and have provided their consent to be included on this register.

Council does not recommend or endorse any trainer or training methods and accepts no responsibility for the actions of trainers.

Personal Trainers currently registered with Mosman Council

Name Company Number Email
Chris Roberts   0415 793 404
Tiago Fagundes Cunha Impressions Fitness Coaching 0430 530 163
Alessandra Spadoni Active Passion 0452 540 925
David McIlwaine Fit 4 Dreams 0414 138 778
Nicholas Stoke Apex PT 0425 613 630
Erica Costa Cordeiro   0449 182 642
Joe Sprange Vision PT 0422 701 758
Caroline Garrett   0410 718 418

Personal trainers: how to register

Last updated Friday 29 October 2021
Last updated Friday 29 October 2021