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E-waste – unwanted electronic goods like computers, televisions and video recorders – contains finite resources such as gold, copper and silver, as well as materials that can be environmentally toxic if they end up in landfill, such as lead and mercury.

Recycling e-waste means that these materials can instead be recovered and recycled into new products.

Council‘s e-waste collection will accept computers, laptops, monitors, TVs, DVD/CD/VHS media and players, printers, small electrical appliances, mobile phones, game consoles, microwaves, light bulbs, and computer peripherals. For security, it is recommended to wipe data from devices beforehand.

Due to the current health advice and to ensure the safety of staff and residents the e-Waste event scheduled for 29 August has been cancelled. Residents are asked to delay disposal of e-waste items.

The next e-waste drop off date will be in February 2022, at Mosman Square Carpark, The Crescent, Mosman.

Community Recycling Centre

The CRC is currently closed due to COVID restrictions.

For householders in Mosman your nearest Community Recycling Centre (CRC) is in Artarmon. The CRC takes a number of problem items for recycling free of charge. Items include non-commercial quantities of computers, TVs, mobile phones and batteries. The full list of items accepted, address and details relating to opening hours maybe found on the CRC website.

Why use the CRC?

Most of the items accepted at the CRC can be reused or recycled. By sorting our waste and taking it to a recycling centre, we are:
  • keeping potentially hazardous waste out of landfill
  • helping improve recycling rates and
  • saving water, energy and other valuable natural resources.

Please handle and transport your materials carefully and safely. Protect your vehicle by placing items on a protective sheet or tray in the boot to capture any leaks or breaks.


Currently, Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre is not charging for e-waste drop-offs from residents living in Mosman. A customer from outside the area may incur a charge.


Recycling Near You

Printer Cartridges: The voluntary extended producer responsibility program called ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ is supported and funded by Australia’s leading print manufacturers. All types and brands of printer cartridges are accepted.

RecycleSmart recycling

Council is taking action to divert problem waste items from landfill, including e-waste, batteries, globes and clothes. In partnership with RecycleSmart and the EPA‘s Better Waste Recycle Fund we are offering Mosman residents a trial home pick-up recycling service which takes items to recycling centres or charities for reprocessing or re-use. Book a free pick-up from your front door at with two bags collected free by using code MOSMAN21 at checkout.

To participate in the program simply do the following:

  • Put your items in bags, including washing and drying any textiles (see website for further details on the range of accepted items)
  • Book a pick up by visiting
  • For your first pick up, we will pick up to 2 bags for FREE. Simply use code MOSMAN21 at the checkout.

Watch the below video to find out more about how to recycle textiles smartly.

The Bower

The Bower is an award winning environmental charity and a centre for reuse and repair. The Centre offers services and programmes all based on reuse and repair including offering a pickup service for used, quality furniture (conditions apply).
Last updated Monday 9 August 2021
Last updated Monday 9 August 2021