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Household Green Waste

Council currently offers the following green waste (vegetation) collection services to all residents:

Service Collection Frequency Bin Type & Size
Green waste Monthly
collection dates
240 litre lime green lidded bin
Green waste Pre-paid 240 litre lime green lidded bin
Xmas trees only Annual -

Customer requests and additional services

Report a missed service or lost or damaged bin

Please call Council’s Waste Line on 9978 4076.

Request a new recycling bin or change of service

Mosman Council provides 240 litre mobile recycling bins (wheeled bins) with lime green lids for the collection of green waste. A Green Waste Bin delivery fee applies.

To purchase your green waste bin please complete an application form.

Request an additional green waste collection service (pre-paid)

If you have excess green waste material you can arrange for an additional collection by booking a prepaid service. Payments for prepaid services may be made by contacting Council’s Waste Line.

Cost: $30 for up to 3m3 of material with 2 working days’ notice. Where the volume exceeds 3m3 an additional charge of $20 per m3 shall apply. Each service shall not exceed 5m3 with a limit of 12 services per year.

Purchase a worm farm or compost bin

Purchase a worm farm or compost bin to reduce food waste in the garbage bin and create fantastic fertiliser for your garden. On average up to 50% of your garbage bin is food waste.

What green waste material is collected?

Lime green lidded bin – green waste (vegetation)
Accepted in this bin Not accepted in this bin
  • Grass clippings
  • Twigs and leaves
  • Dead flowers
  • Plastic bags
  • Soil, dirt, rocks or tree stumps
  • Putrescible waste e.g. food scraps

How do I present my green waste material for collection at the kerb?

Council’s Contractor will collect green waste material from the kerbside in:

  • Bundles tied with natural string (weighing less than 20kg)
  • Any reusable rigid containers (weighing less than 20kg)
  • Council‘s 240 litre mobile recycling bin (wheeled bin), correctly labelled, with lime green lid – this bin can be purchased from Council
  • Limb size restriction – must be less than 1m long and less than 100mm diameter
  • Mosman Council does not collect green waste presented in hessian bags, plastic bags or cardboard boxes.
  • Bins must be placed out for collection on the night before your allocated collection day, and not before.
  • Bins must be placed out for collection directly in front of your property.
  • It is recommended that bins are placed out for collection on the nature strip and close to the street gutter but away from impediments such trees, telegraph poles, in between or directly behind cars.
  • It is recommended that a 50cm gap be left between each bin when placed out for collection.
  • Bins, once serviced, must be collected as soon as possible and stored back on the property to which they belong.

What are the benefits of recycling green waste?

By using Mosman Council’s garden organics collection you are making an important contribution to reducing the amount of waste disposed to landfill and the associated environmental effects.

If green waste is added to the normal waste stream, it will be dumped and capped in a landfill. Here, it will decompose without oxygen (anaerobically). The process of anaerobic decomposition produces methane, a gas with a global warming potential 21 times more than carbon dioxide.

By contrast, when you separate your green waste for collection by Council’s dedicated green waste collection, it is sent to Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre where it is composted and turned into garden products including potting mix, mulch and compost. This is important because these products help return important nutrients to soil, without the need for artificial fertilisers. By mulching your garden beds you are also reducing the need to irrigate due to lower evaporation rates.

You are encouraged to purchase mulch from Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, as this closes the loop in terms of recycling!

Can't wait for your next vegetation collection?

Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre at Terrey Hills accepts up to 300kg of vegetation (no logs, treated timber, palm trunks or plastic) free of charge from Mosman residents.

Residents can deliver in cars, station wagons, utes or small trailers.

Proof of residency must be shown.

Last updated Friday 30 June 2023
Last updated Friday 30 June 2023