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Dog Attacks

A dog attack is not only when it bites. It is also when it rushes, chases, harasses or attacks a person or animal, regardless of whether or not an injury is caused to the person or animal.

Report it immediately

If you are the victim of or witness a dog attack report the incident to a Council Ranger as soon as possible.

Council’s Rangers are on duty 7 days a week from 6am to 6pm and are contactable during work hours on 9978 4081.

Report attacks to Council regardless of whether it is on private or public property as all are investigated with the highest priority.

Owner responsibilities

Owners are to ensure their dogs are:

  • Contained with adequate fencing to prevent escape from their property of residence
  • Under effective control when in a public place
  • On a lead at all times when in public unless in a designated unleashed area in Mosman
  • To only be walked by a person over the age of 16 years old

Owners may also be liable through civil action for injury to a person or animal as a result of an attack by their dog.


Council will take action against dog owners who disregard their responsibilities. Council has the authority to impose harsh penalties and management requirements after a dog has attacked, including declarations that a dog is dangerous, menacing or a restricted breed.

Council also has the power under the Companion Animals Act to seize animals who have attacked a person or animal.

Last updated Monday 21 June 2021
Last updated Monday 21 June 2021