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Neighbourhood Street Parties

Council supports neighbourhood gatherings as they foster community spirit and good neighbour relations.

Local Parks and Reserves

Neighbourhood get-togethers are encouraged and residents are welcome to use local parks and reserves for a catch up, gathering or picnic for up to 50 people without charge.

We would ask that you advise Council of the venue, date and times and a contact in case there are any other bookings or functions. We request you also comply with the same parks and reserves that apply to paid bookings.

Street Parties

If you would like to close your street for a function – such as a Christmas party – you should write to Council at least 6 weeks prior to the event:

  • Indicate the type of event, location, date and time, etc.
  • Attach a completed Traffic Management Plan (TMP). Please make an appointment with Council‘s Traffic Engineer who will assist you in the preparation of the TMP (Traffic Management Plan).
    Traffic Management Plan (9KB)
  • Attach written consent/support from all residents effected by the event (usually a signed petition).
  • Attach written permission from the Harbourside Police at Mosman.
  • Attach written confirmation that the NSW Ambulance Services and local Fire Station have been notified.

Council will review the application and refer the Traffic Management Plan to the Local Traffic Committee and/or RTA for advice and subject to meeting guidelines the General Manager will decide if approval is to be given. Council will then write to the event organiser and advise if approval is given to proceed with the event, detailing any relevant conditions.

Following approval, applicants are required to:

  • Advise affected residents that approval has been given by means of a letterbox drop.
  • Hire Triton barriers or similar barriers and accredited traffic controllers to install the barriers and man the road closure points at all times as per the Traffic Management Plan.
  • Barriers must be erected in such a way that maintains access for emergency vehicles if required. (The barriers must not be erected prior to the commencement of the function and must be removed before sunset.)

There is no cost to the organisers for the application, other than the hire and installation/delivery fee for the Triton barriers and accredited traffic controllers for the duration of the event.


  • The organiser(s) must accept full responsibility for ensuring that all traffic management devices remain in place for the duration of the event and that guests remain within the confines of the barricaded area. Two accredited traffic controllers must be employed for this purpose.
  • The organiser(s) must have duty of care to comply with any relevant requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Council will arrange the necessary Mosman Daily advertisement one week prior to the event.


Council‘s Booking Officer is available on 9978 4070.

Last updated Monday 21 June 2021
Last updated Monday 21 June 2021