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Guide for Applicants

Here you will find information to assist you in completing your job application. It covers the online application and interview process along with a description of how appointments are made based on merit selection.

Your Application

To apply for a position at Mosman Council, you are required to complete an online application. The application is your opportunity to provide us with targeted information that will assist the selection panel in selecting the applicants who will be invited for interview.

Shortlisting Process

Applicants are shortlisted for interview based on the strength of their responses to the questions in the online application and the relevance of their experience, qualifications and skills as outlined in their resume or CV.

If you are invited for an interview you will be contacted by email and/or phone. Please ensure you check your email account regularly.

Interview Process

The interview process helps the Selection Panel to identify the candidate/s who have the experience, qualifications and skills to perform the duties and requirements of the position.

Pre-Employment Checks

Preferred applicant/s are required to complete a pre-employment medical as well as two work-related reference checks before being offered the position.

In the case of a child-related employment position, a Working with Children Check is a prerequisite. Applicant/s must be registered and supply their clearance number when completing the application form. For further information, please contact the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian.

A Criminal Record Check or Bus Driver Assessment may also be required for some positions. The applicant/s will be informed of the type of pre-employment checks required for the position at the interview.

Overseas Applicants

Council will only consider applications from candidates who have eligibility to work in Australia. If you are unsure whether you have the right to work in Australia, please contact the Department of Immigration.

Merit Selection

All appointments are made on the basis of merit. This means that recruitment decisions are based on the qualifications, skills and relevant experience of each applicant and not on factors that are irrelevant to the requirements of the position.

How to Apply for a Job at Council

Step 1: View current vacancies

Visit our Current Vacancies page to see available positions.

Step 2: Assess your eligibility and suitability for the position

Before you apply for a position, carefully read the advertisement and position description to assess whether you have the necessary qualifications, experience and skills required for the role.

Step 3: Understand the process

Can I save my application and come back to it later?

No, your application needs to be completed in one sitting. You cannot save it and come back to it later.

How do I answer the questions?

Some questions require ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses, while other questions call for a detailed response to the selection criteria. The answer box will expand as you type.

Do I need to answer all the questions?

The questions marked with a small red asterisk or star, are questions that you must answer. They are known as ‘required fields’. If you do not answer these questions you will not be able to progress through the application process. If you do not answer a required field, red writing will appear, indicating which answers need to be reviewed.

Step 4: Prepare your application

To ensure that you have the time to prepare and review a quality application, we suggest you copy and paste the online questions into a document on your computer to work on until you are happy with your responses.

Have your supporting documents ready to upload e.g resume, proof of eligibility to work in Australia, 100 points of identification and qualifications.

Once you are satisfied with your responses, you can visit the online application page to complete and submit your application.

Step 5: Complete your application

  • Click on the job you wish to apply for.
  • If you have prepared your responses in a separate document, copy and paste these responses into each question field.
  • Upload your resume along with any other documents requested.
  • All documents uploaded must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
  • Completed applications must be received before 11:59pm on the advertised closing date.

Please contact the person nominated in the advertisement if you require advice or assistance in completing your application.

Step 6: Submit your application

Once you are happy that your application is complete, click on ‘Confirm’ to submit your application. If the submission is successful you will receive an immediate acknowledgement email.

Note: All applications received will become the property of Mosman Council.

Job Interview Guide

Selection Panels usually comprise three people, who will ask you a set of specific job related questions to determine how well you meet the selection criteria for the position. Therefore preparation is the key to success!

Preparing for the interview

It is advisable to be well prepared for the interview by:

  • Reading the position description and selection criteria carefully and thinking of questions that you may be asked at interview
  • Thinking of your previous experiences in similar work situations and prepare specific examples
  • Preparing answers to more general questions, including why you applied for the position, your achievements, strengths and weaknesses
  • Ensuring that you answer the questions at the interview in a clear and concise manner
  • Prepare your questions for the panel – remember, the interview is a two-way process. What would you like to know about the job and working at Mosman Council?
  • Plan how you will get there and how long it will take you – plan to be early

Attending the interview

You will need to bring along with you original copies of:

  • Documentation regarding eligibility to work in Australia (passport, birth certificate or visa details)
  • Relevant qualifications or academic transcripts
  • Any other documentation as per the essential criteria for the position

At the interview

The Selection Panel will make the interview as relaxed and stress-free as possible. If you don’t understand a question or are not sure of how much information to give, ask the Selection Panel to clarify their requirements and take your time.

The interview is your chance to show the Selection Panel your skills, knowledge, experience and further clarify the information in your written application.

During the interview, you may be given the opportunity to ask questions about the position and the Council and this is your chance to show your interest in the position and your understanding of it.


You should also bring the names and contact details of two work-related referees with you for the Selection Panel if you did not include these in your online application. These referees must be past or present direct supervisors/managers who have knowledge of your recent employment history.

After the interview

After all eligible applicants have been interviewed, the Selection Panel will select the best person for the role based on the application, interview, pre-employment background checks and any other competency tests. In some circumstances you may be called back for a second interview if the Selection Panel is in need of further clarification.

Merit Selection Process

Merit Selection is the process used to ensure that recruitment and selection decisions are based on the merit of applicants against the requirements of the position and not on considerations that are irrelevant to success in the role.

The objective is to ensure that the most suitable applicant is selected from a pool of candidates that meet the selection criteria in a transparent and objective manner based on skills, experience and qualifications. The values of integrity, fairness and equity are all associated with a Merit Selection process.


The following principles are embraced in all recruitment and selection decisions within Mosman Council:

  • All applicants will have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for appointment
  • All parties involved in selection decisions will assess applicants on the basis of merit
  • Staff involved in the selection process will act with integrity and be confident that no issues of bias, favouritism or corrupt practices can be held against them
  • Information discussed during a selection process remains confidential between panel members and those with authority to make appointment decisions
Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021
Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021