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Heritage Works Without Consent

Heritage properties and properties in heritage conservation areas often require regular maintenance and repairs. Normally, these works would require development consent under the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012. However, an exemption may be issued if the works being carried out on a particular site would not adversely affect the significance of the heritage item or conservation area. This means a development application may not need to be lodged for approval of the works.

Clause 5.10 (3)(a)(i) and (ii) of the Mosman Local Environmental Plan 2012 state that the relevant works can only be carried out without development consent when:

(a) the applicant has notified the consent authority of the proposed development and the consent authority has advised the applicant in writing before any work is carried out that it is satisfied that the proposed development:

(i) is of a minor nature or is for the maintenance of the heritage item, Aboriginal object, Aboriginal place of heritage significance or archaeological site or a building, work, relic, tree or place within the heritage conservation area, and

(ii) would not adversely affect the heritage significance of the heritage item, Aboriginal object, Aboriginal place, archaeological site or heritage conservation area.

Please refer to Schedule 5 of the Mosman Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 to see if your property is a heritage item and the associated map to see if it is located in a heritage conservation area.

There is no fee for this application.

How to apply for Heritage Exemption

Before lodging an Application for Heritage Exemption we recommend you discuss your proposal with Council’s Duty Planner on 9978 4214.

Once you are ready to lodge complete our online Application for Heritage Exemption Form uploading the following:

  • A brief description of the proposed works; 
  • A statement that the works are of a minor nature and will not adversely affect heritage significance; 
  • Photos of the works area and setting of the building;
  • Sketches/plans; and 
  • Any other relevant information.

Please note: Council will not consider applications for works that have already been commenced or completed. Your application must be assessed and approval granted in writing before you can proceed with your proposed activity/works. If Council declines to grant an exemption, a Development Application must be lodged for the proposed works.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the form, please contact us at or phone 9978 4154.
Last updated Tuesday 4 April 2023
Last updated Tuesday 4 April 2023