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Researching a Property in Mosman

The Mosman Local Studies Collection holds a number of resources which may assist in researching and compiling a history of homes, churches, schools and business premises in Mosman.

To help make the most of your research a guide has been prepared:

This guide enables researchers to understand the information required before starting to research along with a comprehensive list of relevant resources and a description of the type of information likely to be found in these items.

Answers to such questions as How old is my house? Did my house have a name? Who designed my house? Are there any photographs of my house? Who lived in my house? may be found.

Resources include the Sands’ Sydney and New South Wales Directory, 1858-1932/33 which provides the names of those who lived in a particular house, the name of a house and any business carried out at a particular premise. Other resources listed include those created by, or for, local government including council rates and land valuation records and building and development registers.

2 Buena Vista Avenue, c.1910.
2 Buena Vista Avenue, c.1910.

An FAQ section provides a quick guide to the appropriate resources that would be useful in answering common enquiries.

Researching the history of a property is an exciting challenge, turning you into a detective and taking you down various paths of investigation. As with all research, it is important to remember that it will often be necessary to consult a number of resources in order to corroborate any information that you find but in the end the result can be very satisfying.