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Researching a Property in Mosman

The Mosman Local Studies Collection holds a range of resources to assist in researching and compiling a history of homes, churches, schools and business premises in Mosman.

To help point you in the right direction download:

This guide helps researchers understand the property related information required before starting any research. It provides a comprehensive list of resources and an outline of the type of information likely to be found in these resources.

Research can find the answers to many questions – How old is my house? Did my house have a name? Who designed my house? Are there any photographs? Who lived in my house?

The FAQ section provides a quick guide to the specific resources that would be useful in answering these common enquiries.

Resources include directories, subdivision plans, photographs, architect’s plans and records created by local government such as council rates, land valuation records and building and development application registers.

Researching the history of a property is an exciting, channeling investigative skills you never knew you had and taking you down various avenues. As with all research, it is important to remember it will be necessary to consult a number of resources in order to corroborate any information that you find. In the end, the result is very satisfying

Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021
Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021