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Fire Safety

Mosman Council undertakes a fire safety program to ensure the ongoing safety of the community. This is directed to improving fire safety and fire safety awareness.

Property owners who own buildings other than single dwellings and townhouses (known as class 1b to 9 buildings under the Building Code of Australia (BCA)) are responsible for the maintenance and certification of fire safety equipment (known as fire safety measures) to ensure the safety of those using or residing within the building.

Mosman Council has a statutory duty in pursuing the fulfilment of legislative requirements governing fire safety.

Competent fire safety practitioners

From 1 October 2017 assessments for fire safety statements are to be undertaken by a competent fire safety practitioner. Building owners who submit yearly or supplementary fire safety statements will need to choose a competent fire safety practitioner.

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation is currently developing an accreditation framework to recognise industry schemes that will accredit individuals as competent fire safety practitioners.

The department has published a guide for building owners to help owners determine if a person is a competent fire safety practitioner in the interim.

When the accreditation scheme is established a register will then be available for building owners to select a competent fire safety practitioner.

Annual fire safety statement

Every year the owner of a building or premises must provide the City and Fire and Rescue NSW with a statement certifying that all fire-safety measures work properly.

Fire safety statements must be prominently displayed within a building. It is an offence to not display fire safety statements.

Find out more, including the new annual statement template and supporting guidelines on the Department of Planning and Environment website.

When you complete the annual statement, you need to lodge it with Council by email, post or in person and to Fire and Rescue NSW. For details, visit the Fire and Rescue NSW website.

There is an administration fee for the handling and management of submitted annual fire safety statements.

Supplementary fire safety statement

A supplementary fire safety statement applies to fire-control measures so it’s important that they must be certified more frequently than every 12 months. The frequency will be stated on the premises’ fire-safety schedule.

From 1 October 2017 building owners will need to choose a competent fire safety practitioner (see above).

What happens if I do not submit the fire safety statement?

To ensure the safety of persons occupying a building, essential fire safety measures are required to be maintained and are to perform to the standard as to which they were originally designed and installed.

Failure to comply with these requirements is an offence and Council may issue a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) if the essential fire safety services are not fully maintained or if the annual fire safety statement requirements are not complied with.

Council may also serve a fire safety order requiring compliance with fire safety requirements.

Last updated Tuesday 22 June 2021
Last updated Tuesday 22 June 2021