Mosman Local Planning Panel (MLPP)

In 2017, the NSW Government introduced changes to make local planning panels (LPPs), formerly known as independent hearing and assessment panels, mandatory for all councils in Greater Sydney.

The Mosman Local Planning Panel (MLPP) replaced the Mosman Development Assessment Panel (MDAP) on 1 March 2018.

The establishment of the MLPP means that development applications will be determined by either the Panel, Council staff or the Sydney North Planning Panel. Councillors will no longer be responsible for determining development applications in Mosman.

The Minister for Planning issued directions under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 on 23 February 2018. These directions outline the referral criteria for development applications to be determined by a local planning panel. The direction also requires that certain planning proposals are to be referred to the local planning panel for advice.

The directions, code of conduct and operational procedures will replace the MDAP Charter.

You can view the referral criteria, code of conduct and operational procedures on the Planning and Environment website.