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Climate Action Plans

Climate Action Plan – Mitigation Strategy

The Climate Action Plan – Mitigation Strategy was adopted by Council on 6 April 2021. The Plan was developed with community consultation during 2020 and early 2021. The Plan is a strategic document developed in response to Mosman Council declaring a Climate Emergency on the 12 November 2019 and on the 7 July 2020 committing to a net zero carbon emission profile for Council operations by 2030 and an aspirational goal of net zero carbon emission profile by 2040 for the Community. In response to these actions Council also established a Climate Action Community Consultative Committee comprising Councillors, members of the community and Council staff, as it is clear that Community participation in the plan is critical for its success.

The Plan is a living document, with strategies and actions for lowering emissions by emission accountability, reducing throughput, improving technology and infrastructure, and with community initiatives to help lower emissions throughout the LGA. It sets out a list of actions for Council and prioritises them in regard to a quadruple bottom line assessment evaluating economic, social, environmental and governance benefits and impacts.

Funding for these projects will be subject to Council’s annual budgeting process. The Plan will also provide Council will opportunities to support projects through grant funding.

Climate Action Plan – Resilience and Adaptation Strategy

The Climate Action Plan – Resilience and Adaptation Strategy is a sister document to Council's existing Mitigation Strategy and together provide Council’s overall response and actions to Climate Change. A draft went out for public consultation in June 2022, and after modification in response to feedback was approved by Council on 8 November 2022. Whilst there is obvious cross over, this document is to be used to inform Council and the community on what actions are required to reduce the impact of climate change. It provides a pathway to identify both public and private assets that will need to be modified to adapt to predicted impacts of climate change. It also provides avenues and future directions that Council will take to build resilience in Mosman’s people so the community is well connected and can prepare and recover from major incidences caused by a changing climate. The strategy identifies that further studies are required to better understand the predicted impacts of climate change on Mosman and to help improve community connectiveness. Also much like the Climate Action – Mitigation Strategy, this document is a living document and regular updates will be incorporated when further information becomes available. Further this document will also be reported annually to Council outlining actions taken and change to data sets. Council also resolved to report to review the strategy every four years in order to ensure alignment with climate change predictions, priority issues, and gaps in service levels.

Last updated Thursday 4 April 2024
Last updated Thursday 4 April 2024