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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Private vehicle transport is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, and electric vehicles offer a lower lifetime emissions option compared to conventional internal combustion engine powered vehicles. 

Mosman Council encourages the uptake of electric vehicles by facilitating public locations at which charging station suppliers can provide charging services. Sites and suppliers are selected based on service offerings and Council’s view on demand for services. Council generally charges an occupancy fee to the charging station provider per public parking space.

Any issues with using charging stations within Mosman should be addressed in the first place with the charging station provider. A smartphone app provided by the charging station supplier is the usual means through which to conduct a charging transaction. Locations of chargers can be found on websites such as PlugShare and Google Maps. These websites usually also display availability information for each charger – i.e. if it is currently in use or not.

Council does not arrange for charging stations to be built on private property. It is Council’s intention to mandate that significant development works on multi-unit dwellings must include fitting the site to be ready to be equipped with electric vehicle charging point(s).

Public charging stations:

  • 1 x Mosman Square Car Park (50 kW DC, Evie Networks)
  • 2 x Raglan St West Car Park (50 kW DC, Evie Networks)
Last updated Tuesday 6 December 2022
Last updated Tuesday 6 December 2022