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Asset Management Strategy, Policy and Plans

Council is the custodian of $425 million dollars of infrastructure assets that support its core business of delivering services to the community. Council has adopted an Asset Management Strategy and Policy, as well as a series of 5 Asset Management Plans (roads, parks and open space, buildings, stormwater and marine structures) to assist in planning and implementing asset renewal and maintenance. This documentation forms part of Council’s Resourcing Strategy and provides a link between the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Program.

The major assets include:

  • 51 buildings
  • 70 km of stormwater drainage pipes, culverts and open drains
  • 90 km of roads
  • 1,100 retaining structures
  • An indoor swim centre, two harbour baths and three jetties
  • 14 car parks
  • 15 playgrounds
  • 25 bushland areas covering 325,000 sqm
  • 36 parks and reserves covering 270,000 sqm
  • 5 sporting ovals and a netball facility
  • 36 stormwater quality improvement devices

Overall, due to the implementation of strategic operational, maintenance and capital works, Council is currently in a good position with only a very small percentage of the total assets (0.9%) in unsatisfactory condition. This will continue as the proposed future funding allocations are sufficient to maintain assets and reduce the backlog of required asset works over the 10 year period.

Last updated Tuesday 4 April 2023
Last updated Tuesday 4 April 2023