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Tools and Pumps

A power tool means any of the following:

  • garden tool powered by either a petrol engine or an electric motor, including a lawn mower, a lawn trimmer, a blower/sweeper, a garden mulcher, an edge-cutter or a chipper/shredder
  • electric power tool (including battery-operated power tools)
  • pneumatic power tool, such as a jack-hammer
  • chainsaw
  • circular saw
  • gas or air compressor
  • swimming pool or spa pump

Power Tools and the Law

Under the provisions of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulations 2017 a person must not cause or permit a power tool or a swimming pool or spa pump to be used on residential premises if noise is audible within a habitable room of any other residential premises regardless of whether any door or window to that room is open:

  • before 8am and after 8pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • before 7am and after 8pm on any other day

Penalties can be imposed for a breach of these regulations for corporations or individuals. Council officers can issue ‘on the spot’ fines to persons who don‘t comply.

Purchasing Power Tools

When buying new power tools it is important to choose one that complies with the provisions of the regulations that relate to the design and specification for these types of articles. It is illegal to sell a power tool unless the piece of equipment has a noise level label affixed. Some types of power tool must also meet a prescribed maximum noise level nominated in the regulations. Below is a table containing the maximum noise level for these types of power tools.

Type of Power Tool Prescribed Maximum Noise Level dB(A)
Lawn Mowers (cutting width 620mm-950mm) 80
Grass cutting machines (cutting width less than 950mm, but not including Lawn Mowers with a cutting width 620mm-950mm) 75
Ride-on Mowers 80
String-trimmers 80
Brush-cutters 85

Reporting Noise From Power Tools

If your complaint relates to the use of power tools and equipment on a building site please refer to the Planning and Development section of this website.

If your complaint relates to the use of power tools, including swimming pool and spa filter pumps, not related to a building site please lodge your complaint in writing. When making a complaint you must provide the following information, your name and address, the location of the power tool, and when the power tool is being used. Complainant‘s details are kept confidential.

Last updated Friday 8 December 2023
Last updated Friday 8 December 2023