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Application Search

Application Search

Council is pleased to offer you online access to Development Applications, allowing you to track the progress of the application from lodgement through to determination.

DA Tracker

This service applies to all development applications submitted since 1st January 2004.

DAs Lodged and Determined – Last 14 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find the DA I’m looking for – why?

You may have entered an incorrect DA number or made a typing error. Try searching again using the property address option.

I found the DA but where are all the documents relating to this application?

Have you clicked on the tab called ‘Documents’?

One or more specific documents are not showing up – why?

Documents will not appear on the DA Tracker until 24 hours after their registration on Council’s document management system.

I clicked on a document but my browser window is blank – why?

It may be that your browser doesn’t have the required plugin or viewer. Documents are stored in various formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Acrobat and .tif images.

How do you print a document?

Print from your browser or application window.

Who do I contact regarding information stored in the DA Tracker?

Contact Mosman Council