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How to Improve Mosman's Biodiversity

Here are ten things you can do to improve the biodiversity of Mosman:

  1. Provide a variety of local native trees, shrubs and grasses to provide food and habitat for a wide range of birds and animals.
  2. Install a small pond to provide water and habitat for frogs.
  3. Plant dense or prickly shrubs and trees, to provide a safe spot for birds to hide and escape from predators.
  4. Install a nest box designed for native birds and possums.
  5. Remove weeds from your garden to allow native plants to thrive.
  6. Leave fallen trees/logs in your garden as they provide habitat for many plants and animals.
  7. Provide rocks for shelter and sunbathing opportunities for animals such as lizards.
  8. Use a native turf species. Some native birds feed on the seeds in native grasses.
  9. Make sure your cat wears a bell and keep it inside at night to protect native wildlife.
  10. Adopt sustainable garden practices such as worm farming, composting, mulching and installing a rainwater tank.
Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021
Last updated Thursday 24 June 2021