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Commercial Filming

The NSW Government passed the Film Related Legislation Amendment Bill on 18 June 2008 to maintain its competitive advantage in relation to commercial filming in NSW. The Act commenced on 30 March 2009. As a result of consultation with the Local Government and Shires Association, Councils and the industry sector, a revised Local Government Filming Protocol has been developed.

The Protocol was released on Monday 23 March 2009 as an enabler of the legislation. This Protocol replaces the Local Government Filming Protocol 2000. The Protocol outlines the requirements of all Councils and State agencies in relation to managing commercial filming applications.

Please note also the following guide from the Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA):


Council permits use of Council controlled land for the purpose of commercial filming or photography on Mondays to Fridays (excluding public holidays).

Subject to the Local Government Filming Protocol, Council may impose the following conditions:

  • vehicles to be restricted to defined parking areas and/or access roads
  • no trees, shrubs or other vegetation being removed, lopped or damaged
  • no disturbances or inconvenience being caused to the general public
  • all operations being conducted between the hours of 7am to 7pm or at other times as approved by the General Manager
  • no loudspeakers or amplifying equipment being used in connection with the activities
  • no intoxicating liquor being taken into or consumed in the beach/reserve/Council property
  • use of firearms, explosives or lighting of fires is prohibited
  • the applicant accepting full responsibility and meeting the cost of restoring any damage to the land, fencing and other improvements resulting from the operations
  • all rubbish being removed and the land left in a clean and tidy condition
  • Council being absolved from any liability in respect to injury or loss suffered by the applicant and/or his servants whilst on the land
  • this approval does not permit the closing of any public road to normal uses or disruption to traffic, including pedestrian movement
  • Council may request a bond if deemed necessary
  • the applicant to undertake a letterbox drop of the area if requested by Council
  • still photography fees are charged at an hourly rate
Last updated Wednesday 23 June 2021
Last updated Wednesday 23 June 2021