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Licensed Premises

Licensed premises and registered clubs include:

  • social clubs such as RSLs, sporting clubs, religious/ cultural clubs;
  • bars, pubs and taverns, and restaurants that serve/sell liquor; and
  • casinos and gambling houses.

Licensed Premises and the Law

Section 104 of the Liquor Act 1982 contains provisions to control noise from premises which hold a liquor license and where the noise unduly disturbs the amenity of the local neighbourhood through the conduct of the licensed premises or registered club (and/or their patrons).

Section 17AA of the Registered Clubs Act 1976 has similar provisions to the Liquor Act 1982.

Under both Acts, complaints can only be made by:

  • a person authorised in writing by 3 or more persons residing in the neighbourhood of the licensed/registered premises, or a person who is a resident and is authorised in writing by two (2) or more other residents;
  • the Commissioner of Police, or an appointed delegate;
  • a person authorised by a local council;
  • a person who satisfies the Board that his or her interests, financial or other, are adversely affected by the undue disturbance to which the person‘s complaint relates; or
  • the Director of Liquor and Gaming, or an appointed delegate.

Reporting Noise from Licensed Premises

The NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing is the authority which deals with complaints of this nature and there are procedures available to resolve these types of issues.

If you have a complaint relating to noise from one of these types of premises or their patrons you may lodge a complaint with the Liquor Administration Board. Before lodging your complaint with the Liquor Administration Board you should read the information relating to the Liquor Act 1982 and the Registered Clubs Act 1976. Alternatively you can contact Mosman Police on 9969 1933.

Complaints relating to offensive noise being created by other sources at these types of premises – such as ventilation systems, exhaust hoods, or public address systems – should be sent in writing to Mosman Council. All complaints must detail your name and address, the source of the offensive noise, the address where the noise source is located, and the times when the noise source is causing offensive noise. Complainant‘s details are kept confidential.

Last updated Friday 18 June 2021
Last updated Friday 18 June 2021