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Access Council Information

Mosman Council’s Agency Information Guide (Publication Guide) (205.8KB) as required under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (the GIPA Act) provides you with answers to the information that can be accessed at Council including how and where to access it.

Documents 1 January 2004 to present

Please check Council’s DA Tracker for development applications and associated documents including recently lodged DAs. Architectural plans are not found on the Council Tracker due to Copyright Law requirements. To view all plans please lodge a GIPA request.

Schedule 1 (clause 4) of the GIPA Regulation 2018 advises that certain information existing before 1 July 2010 is not open access and therefore Council will decide these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Documents Prior to 2004

Some publicly available documents from this period may not be available on DA Tracker and may require offsite retrieval and digitisation. Applicants will be advised when these are ready to view. Please lodge a GIPA request.

Historical Information

Council’s Local Studies area also holds a wide range of historical information predating 1967. Please lodge a GIPA request.

Lodge a GIPA Request

Open Access Information (Mandatory)

Open Access Information – Authorised Proactive Release

Mosman Council makes decisions about open access information that may not be disclosed due to an overriding public interest and where applicable it will publish this information on its website. This access may require lodgement of a GIPA request and will be available for viewing at Council public access terminals. Council will charge a fee for providing copies of open access information in accordance with its Pricing Policy.

Informal Access

Persons unable to locate the information they are seeking may need to lodge a GIPA request. Applicants will be contacted within 10 working days from receipt of an informal access application. Council will not charge a fee for informal access to information applications. Council will charge a fee for providing copies of information in accordance with its Pricing Policy.

Lodge a GIPA Request

Formal Access

Information not publicly available as open access or under informal access may require a formal access application. This may include information relating to Council data, third parties, personal information and business or commercial information. Formal access applications are processed pursuant to Part 4, of the GIPA Act, within 20 working days (with provision for an extension of up to 15 working days in certain circumstances). In some cases consultation may be required and information may be released subject to an agency applied public interest test.

Lodge a GIPA Request

Last updated Wednesday 23 November 2022
Last updated Wednesday 23 November 2022