Heritage Listings

Heritage Listings

Mosman’s complex heritage has been created by the interplay of its harbour setting, topography, vegetation, built environment, and its rich cultural landscape that reflects a fascinating history.

Heritage listing provides formal recognition by Council or the State Government that a place has heritage significance and that the community wants to keep it for future generations. There are two levels of statutory listing:

  1. local heritage items listed on heritage schedules in Mosman’s Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2012; and
  2. state heritage items listed on the State Heritage Register . This list includes only those items which have been identified as having particular importance to the people of NSW.

There are around 500 Heritage Items and Archaeological Sites and 13 Heritage Conservation Areas listed in Mosman.

Inventory Sheets are available for properties identified as containing Heritage Items. They include a brief statement of the significance of the property, a description, photograph, and some include historic notes.

These sheets – the Mosman Heritage Inventory – are available as part of the NSW State Heritage Inventory .

Heritage Conservation Areas

Maps are available for each of the 13 Heritage Conservation Areas within Mosman. These maps illustrate the rankings of properties within the heritage conservation areas as recommended by previous heritage studies; the Mosman Heritage Review 1996, Glover Street, Mosman Heritage Assessment 2003, and Belmont and Cabramatta Roads, Mosman Conservation Area Study 2004.

Each property is ranked according to its level of significance. A Statement of Significance is also available for each Heritage Conservation Area. Council adopted updated rankings for properties within the heritage conservation areas on 3 April 2018. These rankings were based on the Mosman Heritage Conservation Area Building Rankings Review 2016 and subsequent peer review. The maps below illustrate these rankings.


Council seeks to keep the Mosman Heritage Inventory up to date, however there may be information not yet included such as additional historical research or information on changes to Items resulting from development with Council’s consent.

Clarification of the Heritage Listing of a property is best obtained by the application for a Planning Certificate through Council.