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Council Management

Mosman Council administration is organised into three departments that report to the General Manager.

Dominic Johnson – General Manager

As the administrative head the General Manager is responsible for service delivery through the employment relationship and deployment of policy and legislative requirements.

Diane Lawrence – Community Development Department

The Community Development Department manages a wide range of services and facilities that support and enhance the lives of residents of Mosman. These include the Barry O’Keefe Library, Mosman Square Seniors’ Centre, Mosman Youth Centre, Mosman Art Gallery & Community Centre, and an extensive range of programs and activities that support and engage children, young people, families, seniors and people living with disability. Many of these services are provided with the assistance of dedicated volunteers, who donate their time and effort to the community.

The Community Development Department is also responsible for organising and coordinating special events including the biennial Mosman Festival and monthly Mosman Market, providing advice and assistance to the business community, and coordinating communication and engagement with the local community.

Ben Wicks – Corporate Services Department

Corporate Services provides management support to Councillors and Council staff, as well as a range of services to the community. It comprises the Governance, Financial Services, Information Technology Services, Human Resources and Customer Service Branches including Document Management.

The Director Corporate Services is Council’s appointed Public Officer, Risk Manager and Government Information (Public Access) Officer. Among other duties, the Public Officer deals with requests from the public concerning the Council’s affairs and has the responsibility of assisting people gain access to Council’s public documents and responding to complaints against Council.

Craig Covich – Environment and Planning Department

Environment and Planning fulfils a range of tasks relating to: regulatory development and building activities; environmental health and education programs and services including provision of domestic and commercial waste and recycling services, street sweeping and beach and reserve cleaning; strategic urban planning and heritage advisory services; engineering and asset management functions covering diverse items such as roads and traffic improvements, stormwater drainage, sea-walls and jetties, parks and gardens, play equipment, public buildings and structures, playing fields and bushland areas; and the Ranger Services section which is the regulatory arm of Council.

Last updated Tuesday 15 February 2022
Last updated Tuesday 15 February 2022