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Mosman is fast becoming an excellent place to cycle. The cycling network within and adjacent to Mosman is constantly improving and expanding. Existing routes already connect much of the Municipality to local shops and business, schools, and our many natural reserves, beaches and parks. A regional route has been developed to provide stronger cycling connections to the Northern Beaches, North Sydney and the greater cycling network.

Tips for Beginners

If you need some help getting started, there are many great resources out there covering topics such as choosing the right clothing and equipment, understanding cycling etiquette and riding safety, and finding the best routes. Bicycle Network is a great place to start.

Our tip is to plan your trip in advance! If there is a section that you are not comfortable to ride on, don’t give up – if there is a footpath, you can always dismount and use it to safely pass that section.

Finding Your Way

A map of the existing Mosman cycling network (as of June 2020) can be found below. For regional trips, Transport for NSW provides a cycleway finder, however, this is currently in the process of being updated. In the meantime, we recommend planning your trip in advance with the aid of a navigational app with aerial imagery. A number of cycling groups and forums are also available that may assist you in planning your trip, such as the Mosman Active Transport Group.

When traveling across the Spit Bridge, it is recommended to cycle on the western side footpath, allowing pedestrians clear and safe access on the eastern footpath of the Spit Bridge.

Mosman Active Transport Strategy

Council recognises the great importance of cycling as a means of travel, and is dedicated to improving cycling infrastructure and education to make Mosman a more liveable and attractive area. To this end, work is currently underway to prepare a draft Mosman Active Transport Strategy (MATS) which will identify and guide future cycling infrastructure improvements. As more information becomes available, this space will be updated.

If you would like to offer your feedback for consideration in the MATS, you may email

Active Transport Working Group

The Active Transport Working Group was formed in late 2010 to facilitate the implementation of the Mosman Strategic Plan (MOSPLAN) Objective 11:05.
Objective 11:05 is to reduce the reliance on private vehicles for local trips through the expansion of pedestrian and cycling facilities.

The working group serves as an advisory group to Council, and membership comprises Councillors, Council staff and nominated Community representatives. The group meets every 2 months and the meeting minutes are reported to the Local Traffic Committee.

Last updated Tuesday 22 June 2021
Last updated Tuesday 22 June 2021