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Solar panel recycling

Posted on Wednesday 8 December 2021

A new program has been introduced to encourage solar panel recycling to empower residents to reduce waste with council subsidising the recycling of aged solar panels from Mosman homes, businesses and schools this financial year.

The solar panel recycling program enables valuable resources to be recovered and remanufactured into new products.

Contact for more information about subsidy conditions or to book a pick-up through the program which is supported by the NSW Environment Protection Authority's Waste Less, Recycle More initiative.

Other large items can also be diverted from landfill. Clean cardboard boxes can be cut and flattened into blue recycling bins or larger items taken free of charge to Kimbriki Recycling Centre or Suez Artarmon.

Council has also undertaken a household food waste audit as part of its ongoing efforts to effectively manage local waste and recycling efforts.