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Vista Street car park upgrades

Posted on Wednesday 27 July 2022

Lighting upgrades have been carried out in the Vista Street car park to retrofit existing lighting with more environmentally-friendly LED which will improve the standard of lighting in the car park, halve energy use and result in energy and maintenance cost savings for Council. 

The upgrades, by North Shore-based green energy technology company Optimise Energy Solutions, will save 35 tonnes of carbon a year, which is equivalent to removing five cars from the road each year, with the 350 existing light globes to be fully recycled or redeployed along with the recycling of 720kg of metal from the original fittings.

All Council’s energy is now supplied by renewable sources while Council is continuing to lower its energy use toward its target for operations of net zero by 2030 by switching facilities and buildings to LED lighting, installing rooftop solar PV and adopting technological and behavioural efficiency measures.